Conditions of Play in Gothenburg Racketlon World Open
Date: 2001-09-28
Updated: 2001-11-02: Elite shuttlecocks changed from Forza 60 to Forza 80 (due to the higher quality); A badminton rule about obstacles added; Some general additions



Racketlon Rules

See the rules published on this web site. They are identical to those used in the Swedish National Championships.

Other Conditions

- Please, show respect for our time schedule! Walk Over will occur after only 5 minutes! Only five minutes break between sets!
- Get your match cards at the desk before each game. And give it back after you have filled in the result.
- Balls are included in the participation fee.
- At the end of a pool play, if players cannot be separated based on the number of victories in the pool, the result in the individual match between them will decide. If this is not enough, points will be counted. If this is not enough, lots will be drawn.
- The official Swedish Racketlon Ranking (by Peter Landberg) is followed strictly. This means that a player that appears in the ranking is not allowed to take part in a lower class.

Plate Tournament:
- In the Mens' EliteClass, Class 1 and Amateur Class everyone who looses their first match can take part in a plate tournament that will run parallelly to the ordinary tournament. But you need to register for it. Registration deadline: Saturday 11:30.

Table Tennis:
Stiga Yellow 3*, 40 mm

Dunlop revelation pro (2 yellow dots)

Elite Classes: Feather Shuttlecocks,
Forza 80
Other Classes: Nylon Shuttlecocks Yonex Mavis 350 yellow - Speed: Blue (But "Feather rules": if one of the players so wishes feather shuttlecocks shall be used at his cost)
If a serve hits an obstacle hanging down from the ceiling, it shall be replayed. At all other instances the ball is lost.

Balls: Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra VIS (pressurised) (swedish: gasbollar)
Bolltex Carpet Surface (swedish: Filt)