The Draw
Date: 2001-10-23 (Updated 2001-11-01)


The draw for Gothenburg Racketlon World Open has now been finalized:

Ladies Open
Update 011101: Anita Jansson cancelled; Surprise Star cancelled; Redraw performed to adjust for 6 people
Men Elite
Update 011101: Joakim Sandberg cancelled; Jan Apell entered as Surprise Star 1; Surprise Star 2 cancelled
Men Class 1
Update 011101: Erik Holm cancelled
Men Amateurs
Update 011101: Daniel Summanen replaced by Sebastien Lavoue (France)
Men Veterans
Update 011101: Wild Card given to Tapio Saari (Finland); Stoyan Sariev (Bulgaria) replaced by Lars Winnberg; Redraw to spread nationalities

The Timeplan
Update 011101: Ladies' early Saturday morning round replaced with a round at 13.30; Elite semifinals (Ladies' and Men's) placed earlier to allow for more rest (the order of the elite semifinals decided by drawing of lots); Plate deadline moved earlier to Saturday, 11.30
(please note the registration deadline for the plate tournaments at 11.30, Saturday)

A few notes:

- This is the final update of the draw. Vacancies identified will most probably not be filled. So, if your opponent has cancelled (identified by the word "VACANCY!" in the draw) you will be able to rely on a Walk-Over!

- The pages are readable with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6. We cannot guarantee that other browsers will work. We know for a fact that it will not work at all in Netscape 4! (The blunt advice to you who only get a text list of names instead of a standard graphically laid out match schedule when you click the links above is simply: Download a modern browser!)

- All draws are designed to fit into one A4 page. But you may need to adjust your print margins (File->Page Setup in Microsoft Internet Explorer)

- We are using a classic Peter Landberg setup as used in the Swedish national championships (a local ;-) tournament held every year in Stockholm). The matches outlined on the pages above have been numbered and in order to find out when a certain match is going to be played you need to consult the Timeplan.

- The internet conventions have been used to indicate nationality:

(no indication implies that the player is from Sweden)

- Bold format indicates that a player has been seeded. Other players have in general been positioned through the drawing of lots.

- The draw of the Men's Elite Class was performed as follows:

8 people were seeded in accordance with the Swedish racketlon ranking. Number 3 and 4 according to the ranking were treated equally and their mutual positions were decided through the drawing of lots. And the same treatment were applied for number 5-6 as well as 7-8.

In addition, 4 challengers were identified. These are:

Toni Kemppinen (Finland's no:1)
Mikko Kärkkäinen (Finland's no:2)
Håkan Andreasson
Jens Wahlman

Toni Kemppinen was positioned so that he will not have to play the number one seed, Magnus Eliasson, before the final - to pave the ground for a spectacular Swedish-Finnish final. In all other respects the 4 challengers were treated equally and positioned in a way similar to the number 5-8 seeds. Their mutual positions were decided through the drawing of lots.

In addition, two Surprise Stars - not yet identified... - were positioned in a way similar to the number 3 and 4 seeds.

All other positions were decided through the drawing of lots.