Racketlon Logotypes

Please find below approved versions of the official international Racketlon logo. For background and terms of use see newsitem "About the Racketlon Trademark".

Standard versions in various sizes:
logo.ip.cut.jpg (150KB)
logo.ip.cut.700.jpg (105KB)
logo.ip.cut.500.jpg (68KB)
logo.ip.cut.300.jpg (37KB)

Negative version:
logo.ip.neg.cut.jpg (223KB)

Higher resolution versions (Use with care!!! Older web browsers may not support these images!)
ttennis.logo.jpg (1MB)
ttennis.logo.tif (1 MB)
ttennis.logo.eps (2 MB)


Revision History:
2006-08-16: Original version
2012-12-18: Updated with more versions. Removed outdated "pingis" version.)