Racketlon in the Media



Below a selection of articles (and other media exposure) that have been published about Racketlon - including internet references if they exist:

2003-01-16: The Racketeer!
- Article on Swedish Open and John O'Donnell in English local newspaper Coventry Evening Telegraph, John's home city's NewsPaper.

2002-11-03 Sporten, TV4
- 2,5 minute report on Swedish National Television (on prime time Sunday 20:00) from Gothenburg Racketlon World Open. Featuring Magnus Gustafsson's new career and a few comments by Peter Landberg.

2002-10-12: Scottish Racketlon Open
- short article in the Dundee Evening Telegraph after the Next Generation Scottish Racketlon Championships - the first racketlon tournament outwith Scandinavia. Here is a better quality version of the picture.

2002-01-01: The greatest racketeer (no internet reference)
- short report from World Open by English racket journalist Richard Eaton published in Britain's biggest selling tennis magazine Ace (Issue 62; January/February 2002)

2002-01-01: Racketlon: la discipline qui venait du froid (French only)
- Significant paper article in a French squash magazine (Planete Squash; Issue 26, January-February) featuring a report from Gothenburg Racketlon World Open and a great graphical representation of racketlon on the cover of the magazine! (The rest of the article is represented here as text only, not making justice to the paper format that contained pictures and layout.)

2001-11-06: ASOIF
- Racketlon makes it into asoif.com - the official website of the association of summer olympic international federations!! What might be the next logical step...? And when? (Search under News for "racketlon" and "best racket player" and the two articles below written for the International Badminton Federation are listed).

2001-11-06: First World Racketlon Open makes promising debut
- French journalist Raphael Sachetat's report from Gothenburg Racketlon World Open, 2001, written for the International Badminton Federation.

2002-11-04: Magnus och Magnus slår till (no internet reference; Swedish only)
- Big size, high profile article on World Open in Gothenburg's biggest daily newspaper, Göteborgsposten, featuring Sweden's number one Magnus Eliasson and former top international tennis player Magnus "Gusten" Gustafsson.

2001-10-11: Ett ögonblick...Magnus Gustafsson (Swedish only)
- short interview with former top international tennis player Magnus "Gusten" Gustafsson in Sweden's biggest tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet - about his new career in racketlon starting the week after he played his last ATP tournament.

2001-10-01: Can badminton provide the world's best racket player?
- The International Badminton Federation introduce racketlon and speculate about the chances for badminton players in Gothenburg Racketlon World Open

2001-08-23: Första internationella racketlontävlingen (Swedish only)
- short article on svenskidrott.se (the official website for the Swedish Sports Federation - Riksidrottsförbundet - and the Swedish Olympic Committe) - about Gothenburg Racketlon World Open, the first international racketlon competition

2001-08-01: World Open i Racketlon?! (Norwegian only)
- Racketlon and the first ever World Open get Norway's attention - short article

1997-05-23: Fyra racketar för en sport (Swedish only)
- article in a local Linköping newssite (Östgötacorrespondenten - corren.se) about Susanna Karlsson, winner of the Swedish national championships in 1997