Multi-Racket Sport in Africa!
Date: 2005-08-05

Thanks to Chris Noakes, legendary english racketlete known for his deep insights into the true nature of racketlon profiles, for this scope! (Visit his fan page on )


The 2005 "Tournoi des 4 Raket". A total of 44 players took part. Photo:


The first signs (as known to of multi racket sport in Africa(!) have emerged. At the very time when the Racketlon community was focusing on the Bulgarian Open in Sofia 15-17 July a "Tournoi des 4 Raket" was, in fact, going on in "Reunion Island" a small (diameter ca 30km) island off the Eastern Coast of Africa right next to Mauritius.

Although in the south of Africa, Reunion Island is French territory and it is famous for a strong squash following; most notably, the present squash world no.1 and world champion Thierry Lincou(!)

Lincou behind Peter Nicol.

The tournament involves the same four sports as racketlon and the format is similar to what has traditionally been used at the German Mehrschlägerturniere, with separate tournaments (knock-out tournaments with complete plates according to the "Monrad" system as known from the Gothenburg "Top 8" concept) played in each sport and points being awarded based on position (200 points to the winner, 185 points to the runner-up, 170 points to number 3 etc.) The points from each of the individual tournaments are then added up and most points is the winner.


End results. One tournament in each sport. 200 points to the winner. Photo:

As would sound familiar to any racketlete the counting is straight and the number of serves in each serve game is 5. But the participants compete in teams, two players in each team, who face each other in a Davis Cup-like arrangement spanning over a total of 60 points per sport, where the first 20 points are two singles games of 10 points each; points 21 to 40 are doubles; and the final 20 points singles again but with switched opponents. (The exception is squash in which only 40 points are played since there is no doubles.) The format is clearly illustrated on this match card (.xls) .

It is the third time that this tournament takes place and this year it managed to attract 22 teams, which thus means a total of 44 players. As during the two previous years it took place on two consecutive Sundays (10 and 17 July) and started out with the tennis part on the first Sunday morning and was followed by squash in the afternoon. It then finished off with badminton and table tennis on the second Sunday.

If your French is good enough you can read more about "Tournoi des 4 Raket" at (direct link: ).


The winners; Team "Les Surfeurs". Coutade and Pamard.

Top 3(?) Photo: