The recently formed English Racketlon Association has just launched a new website. See Englishracketlon.org and read Keith Lesser's introduction below. Lesser is the initiator and driving force behind the British Racketlon Tour and the current surge of English Racketlon. A man of multiple talents he is also a long time Racketlon.com co-worker.

Looks as if English Racketlon is getting ready for take-off in connection with the Doubles World Championship to be held in London in just a few months now (15-17 August) and a possible application for the major Racketlon World Championships in 2009(?)



Keith Lesser. Getting organised.
photo: www.racketlon.at

After much hard work over the last few months, we now have a home for the newly formed English Racketlon Association. Once Sport England have made the final approval the sport in England will be official. We are one step ahead with a website already in place!

Working with Horizon Software on this new project (englishracketlon.org), we now have a fully functioning Content Management System, which will facilitate regular updates and also facilitate internet dummies to be able to get involved and make updates as easy as pie. This should ensure more timely publication of news and rankings going forward. Clearly as well as this you may have noticed racketlon.co.uk is getting a bit more juicy, more on that below!

The englishacketlon.org site will be The Homepage of the association and contain content of a nature you would expect to find on a national association website. Whereas racketlon.co.uk can have more freedom with its content with a guestbook and so on.

Also, Gareth Shaw (gummi-arm tennis magician as he is known in some circles) has done some excellent work on racketlon.co.uk where we can now also easily update news & content. Racketlon.co.uk will continue to function and act as the entry point for all UK Racketlon players whether English, Scottish, Irish or even Welsh. The British Tour will continue to be supported by both sites. With the racketlon.co.uk website being the original Internet Home for UK Racketlon!

Do let me know if you would like to:

* write articles on Racketlon or help recycle old material (EG Lloyd Pettiford's fantastic squash article)

How you found out about the sport?
Your experience of Racketlon to date?
Your view on how to play / train / practice?
Experiences from an event / debut
Career Highlights on yourself or someone else
Basically anything!

* learn how to update the sites - it's quick/easy and quite enjoyable (well I think so!) / any further feedback on above



The above article first appeared on www.racketlon.co.uk and is reproduced here for increased visibility. By courtesy and request of English Racketlon.