Kärkkäinen and Peltola Hold On
Date: 2005-10-14

Martti Vottonen reports from the 2005 Finnish Racketlon Championships, held last weekend.

The Friday team competitition was a battle with good tennisplayers, all players in semifinal has played in A or higher level. Winner was Mikko Kärkkäinen and Sami Joru who is a very good frend of Mikko (both from IIsalmi) and a professional tennis coach.

Mikko Kärkkäinen. That special touch.

On Saturday the individual classes started (Elite, A, B and over 45). To elite final went Mikko and Pekka Kainulainen (new finish racketlon star). Pekka had little problems with Sami in semifinal but Mikko was as good as always. Only squash specialist Marko Kämäräinen beet Mikko in semifinal 12-21 in squash. The Final was the normal story, Pekka got 9 in table-tennis and 9 in badminton. Squash was tight with Mikko winning 21-18 and there was no need to play tennis. After the final Mikko said that that he was disappointed with his squash this weekend(!) Sami Lithenius beet Marko Kämäräinen in bronze battle quite safely.

Class A was suprising because winner Sami Puhlin played his first racketlon tournament and became the winner! Second was table tennis specialist Tommi Laine and third excellent badminton player Sami Nikkilä.

In the 45-years final Harri Peltola and Jari Utriainen faced each other. Jari has been away from playing racketlon for a while because of knee problems. The contestants were very even, only in table tennis
Maestro Harri was clearly better. So, Harri is still the number 1 veteran in Finland.

The whole weekend was very nice. Both organisisers and players were satisfied with the arrangements.

For full results, see results excel sheet.