Finnish Racketlon Federation Officially Founded!
Date: 2005-10-14

Inspired by the development racketlon has had during recent years on the international level, Finland, the first country in which Racketlon was ever played has joined forces to form a racketlon federation. The newly elected President, Martti Vottonen, reports from a historic moment.

A Finnish Rackelon Federation was officially founded on Saturday 8.10.2005. The foundation members are the following clubs: Myyrsquash (city Vantaa), Lahden Kortteliliika (Lahti), Pasa (Imatra), JTS (Jyväskyskylä) and Racketlon Club Uleaborg (Oulu).

In the constituting meeting Martti Vottonen was elected president and Jari Utriainen vice president. The other members of council are Markku Merta, Kari Hukkanen, Henry Bruun and Tommi Laine.

The council decided to organise a Finnish Racketlon Tour 2006, including five
big competitions (Oulu, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Vantaa, Lappeenranta).

A new Finnish ranking system was also confirmed and ranking list is going to be published within the next few weeks.

Finland will, in the future, act impartially in the IRF, respecting the famous table-tennis player Martti Autio’s and the skilful squash player Kalevi Koivula’s thoughts. These men invented the "racket games" (Finnish: mailapelit) 1987 and started the racket games competitions in Helsinki 1988. In the year 1990 a competition with 250 players was held. (editor's note: although is almost continuously reached by historic signs of multi-racket sport in places in which it was previously unknown these events in Finland are the first signs of Racketlon as the IRF defines it - i.e. Same two players face eachother in all 4 sports + Every rally counts.)

Now, we are about to elect a new president and Hans is not candidate. The Finnish Racketlon Federation
and all Finnish racketlon players want to thank him for his great input making racketlon a global sport during the time he has been President.

Racketlon is growing everywhere.

Martti Vottonen
President of the Finnish Racketlon Federation