Breakthrough in America!

Finally, the first Racketlon tournament in the United States! And it is going to happen thanks to an Austrian exchange student; Johannes Schubert, the U16 World Champion from Belgium last year. Read his announcement below!

(Expectations are that there will be more Racketlon action in another part of the US (the Boston area on the east coast) later this summer and towards the end of the year. Stay tuned.)

I am glad to announce on the following weekend (Sunday June 10th) the 1st US Open called "Battle of the Rackets 2007" will take place on the courts of the Ridge Raquet Club in Grass Valley, Northern California. It will be organized by the 2006 U16 World Champion Joey Schubert and the club owner, Nick Bodley. "The goal is simply to have a fun day and to introduce local members of the club and friends to Racketlon," announced Nick Bodley. Truely, the goal is not to attract international playes, more to just prepare the USA for Racketlon. "There are many talented people in this club and a lot of them challenged me a while ago, including Nick!" Watch for futher information and results!