Next Stop Hungary!

Hungarian Open, coming up in three weeks time (10-12 February in Pécs) is the real novelty on the 2006 Racketlon World Tour (the only other tour event that can offer any competition in this regard is the English Open, with their new venue - in Birmingham).

So, if you are a true racketlon pioneer that enjoy life at the frontiers of racketlon this tournament should not be missed. And now is the time to enter! Entry deadline is only ten days away; Thursday 2 February. Refer to the website of Hungarian Racketlon for information on how to enter; . (Even if you do not plan to enter, this new Hungarian website is well worth a visit since it contains some quite innovative racketlon designs!)

Reports from the tournament organisers say that preparations are coming along nicely with special bus transports arranged to be leaving from both Vienna and Budapest before the tournament, as well as an entry list that is filling up according to plan. At this moment it already contains more than 50 names from several different nations; the latest update of the entry list can be found on-line on the website of the Austrian Racketlon Federation;, which also contains more updates on preparations. (Austrian IRF President Marcel Weigl - who has been the tournament director of the two last Racketlon World Championships in Vienna - is a co-organiser of this event together with main Tournament Director Rita Horvath.)

Don't miss out on this year's real racketlon pioneering experience!