Register Early to Add to the Hype!

All eight world ranking events scheduled to take place this autumn have now launched their Engines. They are:

w33, Aug 17-19: English Open
w35, Aug 31-Sep 2: Zevenaar
w38, Sep 21-23: Scottish Open
w40, Oct 4-8: Pacific Rim Open
w44, Nov 2-4: Gothenburg Open
w46, Nov 16-18: Bavarian Open
w47, Nov 23-25: Austrian Open (incl. Doubles WC)
w52, Dec 27-30: World Champs

...and there are, at present, another 7 active Engines for local events including the second annual tournament in Ottawa, Canada coming up next (11-12 Aug). This makes up a record total of 15 simultaneously active Engines all to be found from the Engine Homepage. Go there to see what your friends (and competitors!) are planning! And go there to watch Racketlon grow in real time!

You can help these tournaments to promote their events by registering early! This gives them good looking entry lists that, in turn, attract more registrations in what is becoming known as "The Engine Snowball Effect". Remember: There is no reason to hesitate since you can easily click "Cancel" before deadline should you change your mind.

This looks set to be a Racketlon autumn like no one before. Add to the hype!


P.S. A direct link to the Engine homepage is also, as always, available on the startpage. Look under "Shortcuts" down right.