The Tennis Machine

"When I go out on the court and I sense I am playing well, I feel there is no way a guy can hit a winner, because I am going to be there. I think I can do anything with a tennis ball. It is the best feeling. Then I will try something I have never done before, and that works too. I don't really know what I'm doing out there because something strange is going on. I think I am Superman, and I start to try all kinds of things because suddenly, I know I can't miss the ball. I make an unbelievable shot, and it feels just like all the others. So then I want to show the people even more, give them these most fantastic shots that maybe they have never seen before in their lives. But I want to show them these shots because suddenly, I know I can. I cannot miss, not even one shot can I miss. It is like I am dreaming. It is wonderful."

Who said it? Was it:

A) J O'Donnell
B) H Håkansson (comparing the feeling he gets when he plays with Penn balls as opposed the one he gets from the Dunlop "stonecakes")
C) B Borg
D) R Jordan (elaborating on the feelings he had after his first ever gummarm victory)
E) M Kärkkäinen (after the last world championship final, having beaten Eliasson 21-11 on clay)

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