Rykowski and Szwajkowska Polish Champions

As the 4th Polish Racketlon National Championships were played in Zgierz near Lodz during the last weekend (15-17 of June) Rafal Rykowski took the Men's Elite title. Unlike some other players that took part, such as Krzysztof Samonek (presently world ranked 33) and Norbert Stolicki (WR132) Rykowski does not seem to have ever taken part in any world ranking event (judging from his absence from the present world ranking), which is also true for his opponent in the final; Pawel Szostek. There seem to be untapped Racketlon talent in Poland...

In the Ladies' class the title went to Krystyna Szwajkowska, who became internationally known when she beat Lilian Druve (world ranked 1 at the time) in the 2006 world championships by one single point (tt:21-10 ba:21-16 sq:17-21 te:10-21).

Below are results in summary. Click the link above for a report on the Polish site.

1. Rafal Rykowski
2. Pawel Szostek
3. Norbert Stolicki and Piotr Zawirski

1. Grzegorz Sylwestrzak
2. Piotr Seweryn
3. Bogdan Miezynski and Krzysztof Bobala

1. Krystyna Szwajkowska
2. Magda Kaminska
3. Anna Przybylinska and Sylwia Borek

Men's double:
1. Krzysztof Samonek/Norbert Stolicki
2. Rafal Rykowski/Krzysztof Burbo
3. Pawel Szostek/Piotr Zawirski

1. Krystyna Szwajkowska/Jacek Szubert
2. Sylwia Borek/Pawel Kozlowski
3. Magda Kaminska/Grzegorz Sylwestrzak

Thanks to Pawel Kozlowski for the reporting.