Welcome to the Bulgarian Open in Sofia!

Please, find below a message from Puzant Kassabian, the organiser of the upcoming Bulgarian Open (16-18 July) in Sofia. (Kassabain is the President of the Bulagarian Badminton Federation and a member of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee.)

As far as the BG Open is concerned some details that shall be of interest is the fact that the hotel is settled in the campus of the National Academy of Sports where we hold about 30 beds for our participants. All this is done for easing up the participants as you should consider that the place is dedicated for Olympic preparation, attended by many foreign teams as well as the Bulgarian national teams in different sports. The prices are as indicated earlier Single room EUR 30 and bed in double room EUR 25, both cases include breakfast.

Now, as far as the campus and the National Academy is concerned I can inform you that this is a great place where we shall play the badminton, tennis, table tennis and only the squash will be played in a hall which is furnished with two squash courts and is only at about 1 km away from the National Academy, for which we have secured transportation that will very quickly transport the players- furthermore the squash will be the last game to compete and I believe that there shall be no disturbance what so ever.

The Academy is furnished with restaurants and coffee shops, where our participants can rest and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere all around, having in mind that the campus is situated in the very beginning of the Vitosha mountain and offers some excellent sights and beauties.

The academy is well known for its traditions of hosting very important and prestigious events like World Badminton Academy, UEFA Football courses and many from that kind.

Up till now we have entries from some international good players like Magnus Eliasson (World Champion), Kathy Buchanan (World No.1), Calum Reid (a favourite to win the Junior World Championships in November) and Keith Lesser and I truly hope that many more international players will find themselves capable of playing. THE BULGARIAN OPEN 2004 WILL DEFINITELY TAKE PLACE!!!

Exepecting many new players! Welcome!