The First Ever Racketlon Tournament Outside Scandinavia
Date: 2002-07-08
updated 2002-07-13 (additional info on transport and accomodation)


The Next Generation Scottish Racketlon Championships are due to take place on the weekend of 10th-11th of August. It will be the first ever racketlon tournament outside Scandinavia!

12 days before application deadline (at noon, Saturday, 20th July) Phil Reid, main organizer of the event, reports that there are already a couple of top national racket sport names on the appliation list. Several established scandinavian racketlon players have also announced their interest, all keen to make history at the first non-Scandinavian racketlon event.


Special Arrangements for International Participants

In order to make practicalities easier for international participants and decrease the risk they take tournament management have decided that the following special conditions for non-Scottish participants shall apply:

1) International applications do not need to contain any money. The application fee can be paid on site in Scotland. International applicants may also apply by means of e-mail. The e-mail address to be used is . Please check the entry form - to be found under EVENTS on the startpage - for the information you need to provide.

2) International applications can be withdrawn provided that this is done by the 31st of July at the latest.

3) A statement on the expected standard of the tournament will be published under NEWS on on the 25th of July at the latest. This will provide international participants with the information they need in order to decide whether to go ahead or cancel. At the moment there is no reason to expect that the event will not take place as planned.

For all other details on the tournament please refer to the information provided under EVENTS on the startpage.


Transport and Accomodation

Monifieth is located close to Dundee about 100km from Glasgow. From Sweden Ryan Air runs cheap flights to London from Stockholm or Gothenburg for as low as 9.99 on some flights. (However, the price is dependent on when the ticket is booked and it is reasonable to expect a prise that is about 2-10 times higher...) From London there are even cheaper flights to Glasgow. In Glasgow cars can be rented. Flights and cars can all be booked online on (At present we expect that some of us will go by car from Glasgow at around 17:00 on Friday and return again to Glasgow at around 13:00 on Monday. If you need a lift, please send off an e-mail to on 31st of July at the latest and we'll see if we can coordinate.)

Regarding accomodation there is a hotel, next door to the venue, which has been confirmed as an ideal place to stay. It is called The Dundee (East) Travel Inn and can be booked on-line at Alternatives might be found under (browse for accomodation, Angus & Dundee, and then for either Broughty Ferry or Monifieth. Both of these small towns/villages are approximately 2km from the Next Generation Club where the racketlon event takes place).