Scottish Open Preview: A Closer Look at the Draw

The draws for the upcoming Scottish Open are now available on the tournament homepage.

The Men's Elite class has this year attracted 16 players, among them some of the very best. How about Eliasson (WR1), Calum Reid (WR2) and Stefan Adamsson (WR15). Adamsson's current ranking might not impress much but it should be noted that he is the only man beside Kärkkäinen and Eliasson, who has ever occupied the number 1(!) position. He did so (briefly) on the October version of the ranking in 2005. His more modest current ranking is explained by the fact that he has not competed much recently, which is connected to his period of study in the US last spring. No Racketlon at all there apparently, so his current shape is a bit of a question mark. His latest result in a world ranking event is his loss to Elmar Schaub at Swedish Open in January -4 (tt:5-21 ba:20-22 sq:21-6 te:18-19).

Here is a closer look at the Men's Elite draw:

Predicted quarterfinals according to the world ranking:
1) Magnus Eliasson (SWE, WR1) - Volker Sach (GER, WR26)
2) Ray Jordan (ENG, WR37) - Michi Dickert (AUT, WR6)
3) Marcel Weigl (AUT, WR5) - Krzysztof Samonek (POL, WR21)
4) Stefan Adamsson (SWE, WR15) - Calum Reid (SCO, WR2)

The big question before the draw was made public was obviously; Which one of the four top seeds would pull the shortest straw and get to play Adamsson in the second round? Eliasson, Dickert and Weigl got lucky this time and the most interesting of the quarter finals looks certain to be the one between Adamsson and Reid scheduled for 17:15 Saturday afternoon. Will Adamsson have come up to speed yet after his break this spring? How much has Calum Reid improved since they last met over a year ago? And will Reid have recovered now from the injury that kept him from taking part in the English Open singles event last month? (He played doubles though...)

The Ladies' Elite also sports a world no.1 in Finland's Susanna Lautala-Näykki. Challenged by England's Natalie Lawrence. Again. They faced each other in London last month with the fairly sensational outcome of an English victory after a very tight show-down;
Lawrence - Lautala-Näykki +2 (14-21, 14-21, 21-2, 17-20)

Will Lawrence be able to repeat that?

Predicted semifinals according to the world ranking:
1) Susanna Lautala-Näykki (FIN, WR1) - Pernille Thomson (SCO, WR22)
2) Sue Woods (WAL, WR11) - Natalie Lawrence (ENG, WR5)