Squash Grows - Thanks to Racketlon!

The President of the Swedish Squash Federation, Gothenburg's Ulf Karlsson, today told Racketlon.com that he was thrilled to notice a clear increase in the interest for building new squash courts in Sweden - thanks to Racketlon! Írebro, Helsingborg and Stockholm were mentioned as examples of cities where this increased interest has been seen.

Karlsson also said that he, inspired by Racketlon, had initiated a meeting with the other three Swedish federations in order to promote increased cooperation for the benefit of all. One idea that gained support during this meeting was to push for Racketlon facilities in Sweden's many tennis centers. Swedish tennis (as well as Swedish racket sport in general) has been facing weaker demand over the last decade or so after its heyday during the long Borg-Wilander-Edberg era at the end of the last century, which e.g. brought Sweden to seven straight Davis Cup finals 1983-89 and a total of seven Davis Cup victories (1975, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1994, 1997 and 1998). The provision of Racketlon facilities in tennis centers would be able to pick up, so it is argued, on the increased interest for Racketlon while making use of space that is currently often unused. In addition, the combined potential revenue from e.g. three squash courts that replace one tennis court is obviously higher.

Left England for Stockholm.

(photo: BMM)

Together with the recent news that John O'Donnell (an English squash coach that has, more or less continuously, resided among the Top 10 on the Racketlon world ranking since his first tour appearance in Swedish Open, January 2003) has moved to Stockholm(!) on a mission to "improve Swedish squash" the above adds up to indicate that Swedish squash could be looking forward to a prosperous future.

Good news for Swedish squash. And inspiring news for Racketlon world-wide!