Breaking All Records!

The first Racketlon tournament in Switzerland is coming up this weekend. Interest has broken all records for a first tournament in a new country without any (known) multi-racket traditions. The tournament has almost 200 entries and most of them are from Switzerland and new to Racketlon. Its Entry Engine shows 151 Swiss players admitted to the tournament, which is destined to make Switzerland one of the bigger Racketlon countries in terms of the number of players on the world ranking - in one go! 151 players should, in fact, be enough to pass Finland (the very origin of the Racketlon format with presently 136 players). (See statistics available together with the World Ranking.)

Draws are available on the tournament homepage and among the many new players to look out for are:

Nicolas Müller - the current Swiss squash champion and European Junior Champion
Boris Klemencic - an ex junior Slowenian badminton junior champion

Stay tuned to for expected updates during the weekend!