A Record Breaking World Championship
Date: 2004-09-23

The current entry list of the Racketlon World Championships, to be held in Vienna 11-14 November, contains no less than 149 names. And tournament director Marcel Weigl estimates that this will grow to over 200 before entry deadline 1 November (23:00). If so, this will clearly break the record for a world tour event (the D'Hondt Open in Belgium last June has the current record with 170 players) and takes one's thoughts back to the beginning of Racketlon history around 1990 when some Racketlon tournaments in Finland and Sweden are said to have attracted around 400 players.

A total of €2000 will be allocated among the medal winners, which is another record. The biggest pot so-far at a tour event is €1700 and was achieved at the Gothenburg World Championships in 2002.

To check out the impressive entry list and to enter it yourself go to the tournament homepage of the World Championships - linked from the Austrian homepage: www.racketlon.at. Enter now! There is no upper entry limit - so no Racketlon enthusiast need to miss this milestone in Racketlon history.

(And do not miss the warm-up for the World Championships, the Gothenburg Racketlon Open, which currently boosts 7 out of the top 10 on the Men's World Ranking and 5 out of the top 6 on the Ladies' side. Go to the Gothenburg Racketlon Open Tournament Homepage to enter on-line within the minute. No reason to hesitate since you can easily withdraw all the way until entry deadline, 8 October.)