The 2006 World Championships to Belgium

The IRF today makes official the decision to offer Belgium the Racketlon World Championships in 2006. More precisely the offer has gone to Belgian IRF representative Gert Peersman and the offered dates are 1-4 June 2006.

This was an easy decision for the IRF to take, given experience from last year's Belgian tour event, the much celebrated 2004 D'Hondt Open, commonly recognized as one of the best organised tournaments on the tour (see report).

Gert Peersman at the 2004 D'Hondt Open - at two stages of a problem solving process. Peersman can now start preparations for the 2006 Racketlon World Championships.

As said, the offered dates are in the beginning of June 2006. This means that the IRF in 2006, for the first time, will deviate from the tradition to let the Worlds end the World Tour. But the Recrean sport center, that is planned to host the event, is designed for a summer event, as dictated by great out-door facilities such as the clay tennis courts and the eat-and-drink arena. (But what if it rains? Well, chances are that it doesn't given the historically very stable good weather conditions during the decade that this multi racket tournament has taken place at the beginning of June. But in the unlikely event that it does then the tennis courts will get cover...)

Good luck with the preparations, Belgium!