Results from Gothenburg Racketlon World Open 2001
Date: 2001-11-06


The full results from World Open can now be found through the links below:

Ladies Open
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Plate tournaments:
Men Elite
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Men Amateurs

A few notes:

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- The results are given in the order that the sports are played, i.e. table tennis, squash, badminton and last tennis. E.g. "Mikko Kärkkäinen +13 ... 21-3, 16-21, 6-21, 21-6" means that Mikko won the table tennis set and the tennis set but lost in squash and badminton. An exclamation mark means that the match was interrupted since it was decided.

- There will probably be misprints and mistakes in the result listings. Please send us an e-mail to if you spot any of them - and we will make a quick correction.

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- The internet conventions have been used to indicate nationality:

(no indication implies that the player is from Sweden)

- Bold format indicates that a player has been seeded. Other players have in general been positioned through the drawing of lots.

- The draw of the Men's Elite Class was performed as follows:

8 people were seeded in accordance with the Swedish racketlon ranking. Number 3 and 4 according to the ranking were treated equally and their mutual positions were decided through the drawing of lots. And the same treatment were applied for number 5-6 as well as 7-8.

In addition, 4 challengers were identified. These were:

Toni Kemppinen (Finland's no:1)
Mikko Kärkkäinen (Finland's no:2)
Håkan Andreasson
Jens Wahlman

Toni Kemppinen was positioned so that he would not have to play the number one seed, Magnus Eliasson, before the final - to pave the ground for a spectacular Swedish-Finnish final. In all other respects the 4 challengers were treated equally and positioned in a way similar to the number 5-8 seeds. Their mutual positions were decided through the drawing of lots.

In addition, Surprise Star Jan Apell (tennis (doubles) World Champion, 1994) was given preconditions similar to the number 3 and 4 seeds.

All other positions were decided through the drawing of lots.