First Racketlon Tournament in Asia!

After the recent breakthrough reports from Canada, the Netherlands and Hungary yet another racketlon milestone is about to be passed. And this time it is a major one! The first Asian racketlon tournament - "The Racketlon Challenge" - is currently being planned to take place in the beginning of June (the week-end after the sixth Racketlon World Championships in Belgium).

Experienced organiser Jonathan Quek, the man behind events, such as the 42 hour "squashathon" (see reports at Squashsite and Malaysia Squash) has told that he aims for a serious Racketlon Malaysian Open later this year and sees this June tournament as a pilot designed to find out about any obstacles involved with organising a racketlon event. Although he is still aiming for around 60 participants.

Significant parts of the Malaysian squash community at the "squashathon" event at INTI college, the venue of the first Asian racketlon event. Tournament Director Jonathan Quek in the center of the left half of the picture, holding a certificate.

Since Gothenburg 2001, when Racketlon turned international, it has often been speculated within the racketlon community about whether the best racket player in the world might come from Asia, given the exceptional quality of some of the Asian racket communities (think table tennis in China or badminton in Indonesia). With this tournament a big step will be taken towards finding out.

Malaysian racketplayers. Lee Chong Wei (Photo: ) and Nicol David (Photo: ).

It is no coincidence that Malaysia becomes the first Asian country to be visited by the racketlon "bug". This is the country of Lee Chong Wei (current World No.2 in badminton) and Nicol David (current Ladies' World No.1 in squash). The badminton and squash communities of Malaysia are among the strongest in the world. European racketlon players that rely on a "squash-badminton profile" might have to watch out...

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