Introducing the Entry Engine

In co-operation with Canadian web design firm, today, officially launches "The Entry Engine" - a tool for on-line registration that should make life quite a lot easier for those organisers that have handled their tournament registrations manually until now. It should also have benefits for those who take part, since it will make registering for tournaments that use it quick, easy and familiar; and gives a good, completely up to date view of the current entry field at all times.

Although today is the day of the official launch "the Engine" is already in use by several racketlon tournaments, such as the upcoming Malaysian Racketlon Challenge, Bulgarian Open, German Open and Gothenburg Open. For access to any of these engines, to check out which of your friends that are going to which tournament, see the Engine Homepage, where this new tool is also described in detail.

Racketlon tournament organisers all over the world; Organising a Racketlon tournament just became a great deal easier! Welcome to sign up for a Entry Engine! Free of charge.

Welcome to visit the Homepage of the Entry Engine.