The Entry Engine is a user-friendly and attractively priced system for on-line registration that helps you with the organisation and marketing of your tournament.

To keep track of registrations, cancellations, payments, wait-lists, contact details and updates - tasks that can take hours to perform each day during parts of the preparation period - is often a major headache for tournament organisers. The Entry Engine automates these tasks and gives you fingertip control over them, which helps you make the headache into an enjoyable pastime. Just lean back and see your entry list fill up in real time!

But it will not just manage your entries. It will probably also help you attract more people to your tournament by making registration and cancellation(!) so simple and immediate. In addition, an easily available entry list that fills up early and in real time is, in itself, a good marketing tool. Chances are that there will be people looking for a big Racketlon feast with many interesting matches and that they will turn to the Entry List to see if that is what they will get.


When you sign up for the Entry Engine we will provide you with three pages on this ( site that are dedicated to your tournament. One of them will contain an Entry List, a second a Registration Form and the third one the Administrator Options (only visible if you log in with the administrator password). Those are the main features of the Entry Engine through which e.g. the following benefits are provided:

Simple On-line Registration
To register for the tournament each player simply fills in the registration form with his personal details including phone numbers and e-mail address and submits it by clicking the "Register!" button. It's a one minute operation.

Real Time Information
The Entry List is updated without any delay. As soon as someone submits his Registration Form his name will be immediately visible to anyone with an internet connection.

On-line Updates and Cancellations
Anyone who registers is able to, himself, update or cancel his own entry after having supplied the password given to him at registration. (If he forgets his password he can get reminded over e-mail.) The fact that it is so easy to change one's mind should make it an easier decision to register in the first place, which should make the Entry List fill up a little earlier than it would have done otherwise.

Good Views of the Entries
By default the Entry List is aiming to immitate a paper on the notice board where people add their names at the bottom so that they get listed in the order that they signed up. And if someone cancels his name remains in its original place but is crossed over. However, the list can also be sorted in many other ways in order to quickly be able to reveal interesting information such as; What other people have entered in my class or from my country?, What has happened on the list in terms of registrations and cancellations since I last checked? Who are the best-ranked players? Etc. The result is that you and everyone else quickly get a good overview of the entry field.

Automatic On-line Wait-list
If your tournament can only accept a limited number of participants you can set a limit to how many entries that will be automatically admitted. When that "Admittance Limit" has been reached new entries are put on a Wait-list, which is seemlessly integrated with the Entry List. (Just sort on "Status" and the queue will be visualised.) When cancellations occur people will be automatically admitted from the Wait-list. But you may also choose to manually admit anyone you like from the wait-list, for example if you would like to prioritize a certain class that needs more participants.

Cancellations Remain
When someone cancels, his entry is not deleted but will still appear in the Entry List (although crossed over and with status "Cancelled") providing clear information about who has cancelled, which is often as interesting as who has registered. In addition, the contact details of the person who cancelled will still be available for future reference. (The person who cancelled also has the option to re-enter through the normal Update operation described above.)

Payment Control
Keep track of who paid and who didn't. And make it clearly visible to everyone in the Entry List. For information on how to combine the Entry Engine with an on-line credit card payment system, see this page.

Print Contact Details
A handy list of everyone's phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be displayed and printed. A great thing to have available on the tournament desk when you need to check on people who do not show up or when you need to get in touch with people on the wait-list when vacancies occur.

Excel Download
An Excel spreadsheet containing all entry data can be downloaded from the administrator page for flexible manipulation. This is e.g. a very practical thing to have available at the time of making the draws. (Some tournaments even let the Excel Random function perform the draw.)

Administrator Control
Parameters such as "Entry Deadline" and "Maximum Entries" are easily defined and updated from the administrator page - together with most of the information that is stored in the database for each entry.

On-Line Contacts Database Remains
When the tournament is over the entry list remains on-line, which means that you can use it to retrieve phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the people that took part. If you choose to give out the admin password to other people they too will be able to retrieve these contact details. This way the entry list can transform into a simple on-line contacts database accessible to everyone in your community. It will even be possible to update the information or add new names to the list.

Sounds good? Then you might want to see how it works in practice by visiting any of the Entry Engines of the tournaments that have so-far signed up for this service. You find them linked from the right margin of this page.

You might also want to visit our Demo Engine, where you can do more than just look. There you can feel free to actually test any of the functions; make test entries, update them and cancel. Log on to the administrator page to make use of the options available to you there. Etc.


1 Euro per tournament entry but a maximum of 200 Euro per tournament.

By purchasing the Engine you support further development of it and the growth of Racketlon. Any (hypothetical) financial surplus will be reinvested for the benefit of Racketlon!

This is exactly what I need. Set it up for me!

Place your order by means of a simple e-mail to, in which you let us know the the Name and Date of your tournament and people will be able to start registering on-line for it within a couple of days.

Further Information

Questions? For further info, please turn to the FAQ page or contact

_______ is offering this service in cooperation with, a web design firm in Toronto, Canada, with the aim to promote the game of Racketlon worldwide.

Tournament Engines
Apr 30: Gbg Top X
Jun 8-11: Malaysia
Jul 21-23: Bulgarian Open
Aug 18-20: Västerås Open
Aug 25-27: German Open
Aug 27: Ottawa
Sep 22-24: Scottish Open
Sep 23-24: Gbg Top X
Oct 5-9: Pacific Rim Open
Oct 19-22: English Open
Oct 28-29: Gbg Top X
Nov 3-5: Gothenburg Open
Nov 18-19: Bavarian Open
Nov 25-26: Gbg Top X
Dec 15-17: Dutch Open
Dec 26: Gbg Top X
Jan 12-14: Swedish Open***
Jan 20-21: English Champs
Jan 27-28: Gbg Champs
Feb 23-25: Hungarian Open**
Mar 4: Gbg Top X
Mar 9-11: Canadian Open***
Mar 17-18: South of England
Mar 25: Gbg Top X
Mar 30-Apr 1: Czech Open**
Apr 7-8: British Champs
Apr 7-9: Salzburg*
Apr 13-15: Dutch Champs
Apr 22: Gbg Top X
May 5-6: Montreal*
May 13: Gbg Top X
Jun 1-3: Swedish Champs
Jun 2: Hampshire Open
Jun 23-24: Swiss Open*
Jun 28-Jul 1: Karlskrona
???: Portuguese Open*
Jul 13-15: German Open**
Jul 28: London Open
Jul 28-29: Cape Open
Aug 11-12: Ottawa
Aug 17-19: English Open**
Aug 26: Gbg Top X
Aug 31-Sep 2: Zevenaar*
Sep 21-23: Scottish Open**
Sep 30: Gbg Top X
Oct 4-8: Pacific Rim Open*
Oct 28: Gbg Top X
Nov 2-4: Gothenburg Open*
Nov 16-18: Bavarian Open*
Nov 18: Gbg Top X
Nov 23-25: Austrian Open*
Dec 16: Gbg Top X
Dec 27-30: World Champs***
Jan 6: Gbg Champs
Jan 11-13: Swedish Open
Jan 19-20: English Champs
Feb 17: Cambridge Open
Mar 1-2: Western Province
Mar 2: Gbg Top X
Mar 16: South West England
Mar 30: Gbg Top X
Apr 12-13: British Champs
May 3-4: Karlstad Open
May 4: Gbg Top X
May 17-18: South African
May 18: Gbg Top X
Jun 26-29: Karlskrona
Aug 3: Cape Open
Aug 24: Alelyckan Open
Sep 21: Gbg Top X
Sep 28: Laval Circuit 1
Oct 26 : Laval Circuit 2
Oct 26: Gbg Top X
Oct 31-Nov 2: Gothenburg*
Nov 30: Laval Circuit 3
Dec 14: Gbg Top X
Jan 4: Gbg Champs Doubles
Jan 25: Gbg Champs Sing
Jan 25: Laval Circuit 4
Feb 22: Gbg Top X
Feb 22: Laval Circuit 5
Feb 28: Sthlm Top X
March 1: Western Province
March 29: South African Open
March 29: Gbg Top X
Apr 5: Laval Circuit 6
Apr 12: Gbg Top X Doubles
Apr 18: Sthlm Top X
Apr 26: Gbg Top X
May 2-3: Karlstad Open
May 10: Gbg Top X Doubles
May 17: Laval Circuit 7
May 31: Gbg Top X
Jun 25-28: Malaysia
July 26: 3rd Cape Open
Aug 23: Alelyckan Open
Sep 27: Laval Circuit 1
Sep 27: Gbg Top X
Oct 3: Sthlm Top X
Oct 18: Gbg Top X
Oct 30-Nov 1: Gbg Open
Nov 1: Laval Circuit
Nov 29: Gbg Top X
Dec 6: Laval Circuit
Dec 27: Gbg Top X
Jan 24: Gbg Champs Dbls
Jan 30: Sthlm Top X
Jan 31: Gbg Champs Sgls
Feb 21: Laval Circuit
Mar 7: Gbg Top X
Mar 28: Gbg Top X
Apr 17: Laval Circuit
Apr 25: Gbg Top X
May 15: Sthlm Top X
May 16: Laval Circuit
May 23: Gbg Top X
Aug 29: Alelyckan Open
Oct 3: Gbg Top X
Oct 3: Laval Circuit
Oct 31: Gbg Top X
Oct 31: Laval Circuit
Nov 28: Laval Circuit
Dec 11: Sthlm Top X
Dec 12: Gbg Top X
Jan 9: Gbg Champs Dbls
Jan 30: Gbg Champs Sgls
Feb 13: Laval Circuit
Feb 20: Gbg Top X
Mar 5: Sthlm Top X
Mar 20: Laval Circuit
Mar 27: Gbg Top X
Apr 16: Sthlm Top X
Apr 24: Gbg Top X
May 22: Gbg Top X
May 29: Laval Circuit
Aug 28: Alelyckan Open
Sep 24: Sthlm Top X
Sep 25: Gbg Top X
Nov 12: Sthlm Top X
Nov12: Laval Circuit
Dec 3: Laval Circuit
Dec 11: Gbg Top X
Jan 8: Gbg Champs Dbls
Jan 28: Sthlm Top X
Jan 29: Gbg Champs Sgls
Feb 11: Laval Circuit
Feb 28: Gbg Top X
Mar 3: Sthlm Top X
Mar 25: Gbg Top X
Apr 15: Laval Circuit
Apr 29: Gbg Top X
May 5: Sthlm Top X
May 25: SM-kval
May 25-27: SM
Sep 1: Alelyckan Open
Sep 22: Sthlm Top X
Sep 30: Gbg Top X
Oct 13: Sthlm Top X
Oct 13: Laval Circuit
Oct 27: Sthlm Top X
Nov 4: Gbg Top X
Nov 17: Sthlm Top X
Dec 1: Laval Circuit
Dec 16: Gbg Top X
Jan 6: Gbg Champs Dbls
Jan 27: Gbg Champs Sgls
Feb 16: Laval Circuit
Mar 24: Gbg Top X
Apr 20: Spring Open
Sep 1: Alelyckan Open
Sep 29: Gbg Top X
Oct 27: Gbg Top X
Dec 1: Gbg Top X
Dec 22: Gbg Top X
Jan 5: Gbg Champs Dbls
Jan 26: Gbg Champs Sgls
Mar 2: Gbg Top X
Mar 30: Gbg Top X
May 25: Gbg Top X
May 31-June 1: SM
Aug 9-10 : Alelyckan Open
- Bold = World Ranking Event
- Italics = indirect link





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