About Racketlon

The Present Scope of Racketlon.com
As of 2009 Racketlon.com is mainly about the past. With some notable exceptions such as the Entry Engine, and some pages for the Swedish Racketlon community.

What is Racketlon?
An introduction to the game of Racketlon. History, characteristics etc.

The FIR Book of Rules (Archive)
A collection of links to rules adopted by the FIR, such as the rules of Racketlon, world tour requirements specifications and the FIR Statutes. Note that this information is provided here for archiving purposes and not up to date. For current versions of these documents see the new homepage of the FIR; Racketlon.net.

Gallery of Player Profiles (Archive)
Who are the stars and profiles of the Racketlon World?

The Home of the Racketlon.com Entry Engine
The Racketlon.com Entry Engine is a user-friendly system for on-line registration offered at an affordable price to anyone, who organises a Racketlon tournament. In addition to an introduction to the Engine this page also contains a list of currently active Engines. Click them to check out the entry situation in upcoming Racketlon tournaments! Have your friends - and competitors - registered? For what tournaments?

Racketlon in the Media (Archive)
Racketlon articles and other media exposure.

The Racketlon Chat
Anyone can use this function (see introduction) to publish any Racketlon related message. Use it to network and discuss Racketlon matters with the rest of the Racketlon Community. Ask questions. Comment on the homepage. Use it as a notice board to find other Racketlon players in your neighbourhood... For the publishing of Racketlon News of general interest, however, please turn to our parallel Breaking News function instead. Click here for the "classic" version of The Racketlon Chat serving the Racketlon community between October 2003 and June 2008. (It will remain readable for a limited period of time only.)



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