For the period 2001 through 2008 provides a reasonably complete, although not always detailed, source of results from Racketlon tournaments - either in the shape of links to tournament homepages (that may or may unfortunately not still exist) or as internal information located on the site itself.

For international results in 2009 and later please refer mainly to or the present FIR homepage. Occassionaly, reports may also still appear on

On there are mainly three places to look:

1) Under Events
Primarily, results can be found through links under each tournament in the Events section, either as direct links or through links to the homepage of each tournament.

2) Under News
The News section on the startpage often contains results and reports from tournaments. But a newsitem containing information on a particular tournament will normally also be linked from that tournament in the Events section. So, the News section will often just be an alternative way to access the same pages.

3) Under Breaking News
In addition, for recent information, it is sometimes worthwhile checking the Breaking News function (linked from the top of the News section). Anyone can very easily report results - and any other Racketlon related news - there.



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