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Launched in May 2001 by Hans Mullamaa (the initiator and first President of the International Racketlon Federation) to serve as the tournament homepage of the Gothenburg Racketlon World Open - the first Racketlon World Championships and also the first international Racketlon event ever held. After the tournament soon turned into a website for the general marketing of Racketlon internationally and when the federation was officially founded in September 2002 it became its official homepage, a role it kept until 2007 when the newly installed second President took the initiative to launch an "in house" federation homepage (see below). Meanwhile continues to promote the game of Racketlon, in cooperation with the FIR and anyone else who wants to help. The site offers a unique and fairly complete history of all significant events that took place within international Racketlon from that first international competition in Gothenburg 2001 through 2006. Scroll through the EVENTS and NEWS sections and you will be able to follow the international launch of a new sport. From day one! Since 2009 is mainly about the past - aiming to provide an archive that is only updated occasionally - with the notable exception of some sections that are still very much alive; see "The Present Scope of".
Launched in March 2007 by FIR President Marcel Weigl at which time it also took over the role of "official homepage of the FIR" from this site ( See introduction.

Austria: (German/English)
The official homepage of the Austrian Racketlon Federation. Driven by the same people (most notably Marcel Weigl) that organized the first Austrian Racketlon Open in 2003 - and the World Champs in Vienna (2004 and 2005).

Mehrkampfteam Austria (German only)
Austria is the only country outside Scandinavia with a "pre Gothenburg 2001" Racketlon tradition. It has been going on under the name of "Racketvierkampf" and during the beginning of the 2000:s it was part of an organization, Mehrkampfteam Austria, that promotes multi-sport in general, especially within athletics. You find a link to the Racketlon branch called "Racket 4-Kampf" from the following "mehrkampf" homepage: (look under "Archiv"). Apparently, the history of Racketvierkampf (doc; German only) can be traced back to the beginning of the Nineties. The format was principally the same as the FIR format but there were a few deviations (3 out of 4 discipline victories are enough to win the match; the lot decides the order of the disciplines; the sets are not played to 21 but to 15 or 11).

Belgium: (Flemish only)
The homepage of the Flemish Racketlon Federation in Belgium, started by Racketlon enthusiast Steven Verbruggen in the summer of 2003.

The official homepage, launched in January 2009 by main drivers Rod Bedard (President) and Jeremy Easterbrook (webmaster), of the Canadian Racketlon Association.

Canadian Tour
The homepage of the Canadian Racketlon Tour started by Canadian Racketlon enthusiast Jamie Herman in the summer of 2006. Canada is at present (December 2006) one of the quickest growing Racketlon countries in the world and in terms of the number of players on the world ranking it now ranks as the 5th largest with 193 players on the world ranking with position 3 within very close reach (Austria and England both have 196). It has recently passed such vintage communities as Germany (158 players on the world ranking) Finland (141) and Scotland (101).
The homepage of the Canadian Racketlon Open, started by Racketlon enthusiast John O'Donnell, who organized the first Canadian Open in 2004 - a great success considering especially that it was the first Racketlon event in North America; see report.

Czech Republic:
The homepage of the Czech Racketlon Federation. The first Czech Open - a world tour event - was organised in 2005.

Estonia: (Estonian)
The homepage of the Estonian Racketlon Federation, founded by Estonian enthusiast Riho Sillaots in June 2006.

Finland: (Finnish)
The homepage of the Finnish Racketlon Federation, founded by Finnish Racketlon enthusiast Martti Vottonen in October 2005 (see newsitem). But Finland knew Racketlon long before that. In fact, Finland is the home of Racketlon! This is where it all started back in 1986. (Finnish)
The homepage of Racketlon Club Uleåborg in Oulu (Swedish: Uleåborg), Finland.

A homepage (URL) that emerged as the tournament homepage of the first German Open in Weiterstadt, August 2004, largely thanks to the main driving forces of Irene Seifert and Volker Sach. Later (spring 2008)it turned into the homepage of the German Racketlon Federation, officially founded in January 2008 by e.g. main driver Gunnar Biermanns, inspired by the upcoming World Championships in Rüsselsheim to be held at the end of the same year. (German/English)
The homepage of German Racketlon, started in late 2006. (German)
The tournament homepage of the first Racketlon tournament in Mittelhessen. The first tournament took place 29 January 2005. (German)
The homepage of "Racketlon Team Minden-Lübecke" a group of Racketlon enthusiasts from the Minden-Lübecke region in Germany. This might still be a small group of people but their homepage (that seems to have first appeared in 2007) has an ambitious look and contains quite a lot of interesting information - if you speak German - such as many articles about Racketlon published in local newspapers.

The homepage of the Hungarian Racketlon community (that staged the first Hungarian Open - a world tour event - in February 2006).

The homepage of the Italian Racketlon Federation launched in the beginning of 2008.

The homepage of the Malaysian Racketlon community.

The Netherlands: (Dutch) and (English)
The homepages of the Dutch Racketlon community. "Racket4s" (cleverly pronounced Racketforce) is the name used for the traditional Dutch flavour of multi-racket sport. For more info on this and generally on the Dutch Racketlon community, see newsitem from February 2006.

The homepage of the Polish Racketlon community (that staged the first Polish Racketlon Championships in October 2004).

The homepage of the Slovenian Racketlon Federation - published in November 2007.

South Africa:
The homepage of South African Racketlon started in May 2007 by South African Racketlon enthusiast Patric Kalous, after attending several tournaments in Europe. Planning to launch the first South African Racketlon tournament in July 2007.

The homepage of the dynamic Gothenburg Racketlon Club. Here is also some complementing Gothenburg info from the days when doubled as homepage for Gothenburg Racketlon.

Karlskrona Racketlon Web Site (Swedish/English)
Link to the web site maintained by Karlskrona Racketlon, responsible for the legendary Racket Virtuoso tournament organised yearly between 1991(!) and 2005. In 2007 Karlskrona saw the birth of a new tournament - the Karlskrona Open - which carries on the long tradition of a Racketlon tournament in Karlskrona around midsummer every year. (Swedish)
The homepage of the Lund Racketlon Club in the south of Sweden. This is one of the younger Racketlon communities in Sweden - emerging in 2005.

Stockholm Racketlon Web Site (Swedish/English)
Link to the web site maintained by Enskede Rackethall, Stockholm.

- The homepage of the Swiss Racketlon Federation, launched in the spring of 2008 by Karim Hanna, together with Swiss Open tournament director Nico Hobi, the main pioneers of Racketlon in Switzerland. The first Swiss Open in 2007 (see report) was also the first Racketlon tournament ever held in Switzerland and is possibly the most successful example of a first Racketlon tournament in any country. It attracted about 200 participants out of which some 150 were from Switzerland and new to Racketlon.

- The homepage of British Racketlon, launched in August 2003 by Scotland's Katy Buchanan, a few years later reshaped by England's Keith Lesser.
- The homepage of the English Racketlon Association, launched in April 2008, by main driver Keith Lesser, as part of the preparations undertaken for the London Doubles World Championships coming up in August the same year.


Probably the most visited squashsite on the Internet. See also its French sister site;

World Squash Day
World Squash Day is an initiative to promote the game of Squash world wide.

MFT, Mental Fulfilment Training
Do you want to improve the mental side of your game? Then try this link.


King of Rackets (Flemish only)
In Belgium, a popular multi-racket tournament called "King of Rackets" has been organized every year since 1993. The format is quite close to that of Racketlon. Same four sports. Every point counts. The only major difference is that there are no true Racketlon matches, where the same two people play each other in all four sports. Instead, the total number of points from many games involving several people are summed up to decide the winner.

The homepage of the Canadian Table Tennis Association, a Racketlon supporter.


Mehrschlägerturniere (German only)
In Germany, so called "Mehrschlägerturniere" for three (sometimes called "racket-triathlon"), four or even five "rackets" seem fairly common. Unlike Racketlon, it seems that full tournaments are played in each sport. Then the results are weighed together. This page aims to be a portal for Mehrschlägerturniere in Germany. But there are a few other pages; Here is another portal. And here is a page that contains an introduction. (German only)
One of the German Mehrschlägerturniere (held in Laichingen) has a format called quattrolon. In January 2005 this tournament took place for the third time.

The Netherlands: (Dutch/English(?))
A Dutch multi-racket site! See newsitem for more information on the Dutch way of multi racket sport.


Badminton Scotland
The homepage of the Badminton Union of one of the fastest growing Racketlon nation in Europe. Scotland.







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