The Present Scope of

As the international launch of Racketlon, started in 2001, has successfully moved on has joyfully been joined by many other Racketlon websites in many countries, which has - step by step - made it possible to lower the ambition level for updates. Especially, in March 2007, took over as the official homepage of the International Racketlon Federation (FIR) (see news item). then continued to cover international Racketlon extensively in parallell over a "hand-over period" until the end of 2008 but as of then is mainly about the past with occasional updates from the present. It aims to provide a unique and rather complete record of the international launch of a new sport.

However, in this occasionally updated reecord, there are still sections that are very much alive. The list of these sections may vary over time with ambition level and Racketlon needs. Here is what it looks like at present:

The Entry Engine
- available for anyone, anywhere, who needs a handy on-line entry system

Breaking News
- providing a dead easy way to post Racketlon News. At present mainly used by the Swedish community, especially the Gothenburg one. But still open for anyone, anywhere, who is attracted by its simplicity.

Swedish Events
- the official listing of Swedish Racketlon Ranking Events

Swedish Rankings
- the official Swedish Racketlon Ranking

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Revision History:
2011-11-21: First version.