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A cousin of triathlon and decathlon Racketlon is the sport in which you challenge your opponent in each of the four biggest racket sports; table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. Each year The Racketlon World Tour is organised by the International Racketlon Federation under a licensing agreement with the trademark owners (a group of leading Racketlon individuals featuring e.g. the original trademark owner Peter Landberg of Stockholm, Sweden). The tour has been orgainised annually every year since 2002.

For the period 2001 through 2008 Racketlon.com offers a unique and fairly complete history of all significant events that took place within international Racketlon. Scroll through the EVENTS and NEWS sections and you will be able to follow the international launch of a new sport. From day one! As of 2009, however, Racketlon.com is mainly about the past. It aims to provide a record, which is only updated occasionally, with the notable exception of some sections that are still very much alive. See present scope!

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27 Nov
About the Racketlon Trademark (Updated August 2017)
The owners of the trademark tell their story and aims to clarify the trademark arrangements. Also: The house where Racketlon was born!
  As of 2009 and later this section is only updated occasionally. Please refer to Racketlon.net (the official homepage of the International Racketlon Federation) for international Racketlon news. For the present scope of Racketlon.com see this.
2009 and later...
30 Nov World Champs Report: Finland!
Finland's Mikko Kärkkäinen and Michaela Björnström became king and queen of the eighth Racketlon World Championships held in Germany over the weekend. That's four straight years for Kärkkäinen now!
25 Oct Gothenburg Open - A Closer Look
The tour returns to where international Racketlon started seven years ago. Welcome to the eighth Gothenburg Open!
16 Oct Brix beat the European
Peter Brix and Damaris Brix came out victorious at the Pacific Rim Open in British Colombia, Canada.
29 Sep Good Manners!
New English star Germaine Manners took his first title at the Scottish Open. Natalie Lawrence won on the ladies' side.
21 Jul Dutch Open Report: Schaub's First Tour Title
Germany's Elmar Schaub wins his first Tour title on Gummiarm against O'Donnell. World no.1:s Kakosová and Sach live up to expectations.
15 Jul Dutch Open - A Closer Look at the Men's Elite Draw
The third Dutch Open coming up in Veldhoven. Köpf, Kakosová and Sach top seeded. Germany looking strong.
16 Jun

Reaching the stretch goal.

Finnish Open Report: Revenge!
Eliasson beat Kärkkäinen by a margin of one single point. Germany's Volker Sach took the Vets' title.
11 Jun

A Closer Look at the Finnish Open Draw
The Men's Elite draw of the Finnish Open is almost of World Championship standard. All set for a dream final between Eliasson and Kärkkäinen.

9 Jun

Who is the world's most difficult Racketlon opponent?
Racketlon intellectual Lloyd Pettiford reflects on a central question. And finds a straightforward answer!

7 Jun

Chat Upgrade!
The Racketlon Chat has been upgraded and moved to a new location. Support for multiple threads introduced. Membership required to post. And most importantly; Simplicity maintained!

1 Jun Belgian Open Report: Beks! By One Point!
The Belgian Open was full of surprises. And Holland delivered the biggest one ever(?) Kákosova and Lundström lived up to expectations though.
29 May

A Closer Look at the Belgian Open Draw
Struthers favourite to win in Oudenaarde?

21 May

Manners, Cook & Norton Dominate the 2008 British Open!
New stars emerged in Ipswich during the weekend.

8 May

Tournament Preview: The Return of the British Open!
A classic Racketlon event returns - as a Challenger in Ipswich. Entry deadline tomorrow!

29 Apr

The English Racketlon Association launches new website.

16 Apr

New Venue for the Dutch Open!
The third Dutch Open - to be held in July - is moved to Veldhoven near Eindhoven.

9 Mar

What a Double, Richard!
Richard Thomson wins the Canadian Open against Sweden's Johan Porsborn in the final. No set loss.

25 Feb Austrian, Czech and German winners at the kick off to the 2008 World Tour!
Krenn, Kakosova and Sach impressed at the Hungarian Open.
27 Oct

Gothenburg Open Preview: TT Invasion!
O'Donnell and Persson top seeds. But Källberg - one of many great table tennis players this year - will visit to win!

23 Oct

Press Release: The FIR Launches the 2008 Racketlon World Tour
Swiss Open added. World Championships in Germany (Fürth in Bavaria) in November.

25 Sep

Scottish Open Report: Gummiarm Revenge!
Lautala-Näykki gets her revenge after Gummiarm drama. Eliasson and Lundström(!) impresses. Scandinavians took all three major titles.

19 Sep

Scottish Open Preview: A Closer Look at the Draw
Eliasson, Reid, Adamsson. A clash awaits Edinburgh.

20 Aug

English Open Report: Persson. The Winner.
Rickard Persson (Swe), Natalie Lawrence (Eng) and Ulf Bredberg (Swe) took the titles at the biggest English Open so-far.

14 Aug

English Open Preview: A Closer Look at the Draw
O'Donnell vs. Deeg and Dickert vs. Wall in the first round!

8 Aug

Racketlon Reaches the American East Coast
A tournament held in Wellesley near Boston.

31 July

Register Early to Add to the Hype!
All eight of this autumn's world ranking events have now launched their Entry Engines. Register early to help the organisers promote their events!

30 July

Check Africa!
yet another continent can be checked off the Racketlon checklist. A first African tournament was held in Cape Town over the weekend.

30 July

Morgan and James Win in Wimbledon!
The London Open, held in a club in Wimbledon, attracted over 60 entries.

30 July

Register for the Worlds Now!
The 2007 Racketlon World Championships, to be held in Rotterdam just after Christmas, is taking entries now.

22 July

Top 10 Players of All Times
The world ranking 5 years old today. Racketlon takes a statistical look back.

14 July

German Open Report: Altmann Steals the Show!
Germany's Silke Altmann beats both the World no.1 and 2 on her way to the title. On the Men's side no surprise.

6 July

German Open Preview: Dickert-Kudicke? Schaub-Wall?
Many interesting matches are coming up this weekend...

4 July

The Unknown Racketlon History of Björn Borg
Borg took part in a multi-racket event in the US around 1980. On prime time television.

3 July

Roger Federer Won in Wimbledon - Michael Dickert Lost in Zürich
Racketlon (and especially Dickert) featured on Swiss television. Watch the video!

24 June

Swiss Open Report: Schaub Conquers!
Germany's no.1 Elmar Schaub beat Austria's no.1 in the Swiss Open final.

21 June

Swiss Open Preview: Breaking All Records!
The first Racketlon tournament in Switzerland is set to attract more first timers than any other country first. Some 150 new Swiss players are about to enter the world ranking!

19 June

Rykowski and Szwajkowska Polish Champions
The fourth Polish Championships were held in Zgierz over the weekend.

17 June

Finnish Open Report: Kärkkäinen Won the Battle of the Giants
Jansson and Kärkkäinen won the big titles in Helsinki, each taking down a world no.1 in the final.

13 June

Joey "Seals" his World Championship Title
Racketlon has reached the USA!

10 June

A Closer Look at the Finnish Open Draws
The Racketlon world is getting ready for another rare clash between the two Racketlon dominants. World Champion Kärkkäinen and world no.1 Eliasson.

9 June

How do the Four Sports Compare?
Racket Sports writer Richard Eaton compares the status of the four Racketlon sports - from the English perspective.

6 June

Breakthrough in America!
The first Racketlon tournament in the US is planned for this Sunday in Northern California.

4 June

Helle Swedish Champion!
Roland Helle, not Eliasson(!) became the 2007 Swedish Champion. Linda Jansson and Peter Bittár took the other two major titles.

2 June

New Challenger in Holland!
A new world ranking event has been scheduled to take place in Zevenaar, the Netherlands at the end of August.

31 May

The first Racketlon tournament in Africa is coming up in Cape Town on the last weekend of July.

29 May

Harmful Table Tennis Glues to be Banned
The International Table Tennis Federation are taking action against a health hazard. Ban to take effect as of 1 Sep 2008. Strong recommendation in force as of immediately.

27 May

Belgian Open Review: Eastern Upsets!
The Eastern European countries of the Czech Republic and Hungary took two of the titles at the King of Rackets. But in the Men's Elite there was no surprise.

27 May

Draws Out for the Swedish Champs
The Swedish elite get together for the nineteenth(!) annual Swedish Racketlon Champs. This preview includes a list of all previous winners..

22 May

Preview: Who Will Be Victorious in Belgium?
The World Racketlon elite is gathering for the third Super World Tour event coming up this weekend. Check draws and realtime results here!

10 May

Portuguese Open Postponed!
The breakthrough first world-ranking event in Portugal is moving to a later date.

7 May

Report: Lavishing Laval Shows Strong Racketlon
Cadieux and Kerr victorious in Montreal. At a major French breakthrough for Racketlon.

25 April

Preview: Montreal Attracts Champions!
The first Racketlon tournament in Quebec attracts a long list of champions. Especially from table tennis.

18 April

A Veteran Winner in the Elite!
A briefing from the Dutch Champs including a survey of Dutch developments in general. Holland is on the move!

17 April

University Team Championships in Hong Kong
Another inspiring report from Hong Kong, China.

16 April

The Tennis Machine
Trivia. Who said it?

8 April

Swedish Success in Prague
The Swedish world number ones, Magnus Eliasson and Linda Jansson met expectations at the Czech Open.

29 March

The FIR Launches Racketlon.net
Racketlon.com welcomes a new partner on the internet.

28 March

Hong Kong Racketlon Expands
Three(!) new Racketlon events are approaching.

26 March

Squash Grows - Thanks to Racketlon!
There is evidence of increased interest in squash in Sweden. Because of increased interest in Racketlon.

20 March

Canadian Open Report: The Scot is Catching Up!
Eliasson is still winning. But for how much longer? Scotland's Calum Reid is getting closer!

5 March Canadian Open Preview: Biggest Tournament in Northamerica!
The fourth Canadian Open, coming up this weekend, will be the biggest so-far. What can Canadian Thomson achieve against World No.1 and 2?
1 March

Hungarian Open Report: Austrian Muscle!
The winners were Calum Reid (SCO), Martina Kakosova (CZE) and Péter Sákovics (HUN). But this was Austria's tournament.

21 Feb Preview: Next Stop Budapest
The second tournament on the World Tour is coming up. 163 entries from 15 countries.
8 Feb

French Breakthrough!
Another two Challenger events announced. One of them in Montreal!

18 Jan

Breakthroughs in Switzerland and Portugal!
The FIR makes official five Challenger Events for 2007. Among them two new European countries!

16 Jan

Swedish Open Report: Super!
The Swedish Open became the biggest Racketlon tournament ever held in Sweden. The winners are Magnus Eliasson, Susanna Lautala-Näykki and Ulf Bredberg.

12 Jan

Hungarian Open Moved to Budapest!
The second tour event of the year now has a more attractive venue!

12 Jan

Who are the King and Queen of Racketlon?
Check out the "all time listings" - now updated with the 2006 results!

11 Jan

New Ranking System!
The FIR introduce a new ranking system that will gradually replace the old one over a one year period, starting immediately.

5 Jan Preview: The First Super World Tour Event!
The Racketlon year starts with a bang! World Championship class in Stockholm.
1 Jan Rules Change: 2 Serves!
As of today the Racketlon serve games are shortened from the previous 5 serves to 2. In addition a "Single Toss" rule is introduced.
31 Dec The First Estonian Champions
The first Estonian Championships were held over Christmas. Toomas Vallikivi and Külli Iste are the winners.
27 Dec Power in Canadian Open?
Canada's legendary squash champion Jonathon Power has started practicing badminton!
17 Dec Dutch Open Report: Germany vs. Belgium!
Germany's number 1, Elmar Schaub, faced Belgium's number 1 Peter Duyck in the Men's Elite final of the first Dutch Open.
12 Dec The First Dutch Open Coming up
A preview of the tournament that will host next year's World Championship. Coming up this weekend.
11 Dec Don't Let Squash Ruin Your Racketlon!
Let or Stroke? More sportsmanship needed? This article identifies some problems and suggests some solutions.
6 Nov Rykowski, Szwajkowska and Sylwestrzak Polish Champions
A report from the 3rd Polish Championships.
5 Nov Breaking Through. The Wall.
Christian Wall, Lilian Druve and Ulf Bredberg came out the winners in a tournament of surprises.
1 Nov Welcome to the Home of International Racketlon!
A pre-view of the 6th Gothenburg Racketlon Open. 118 entries from 8 countries.
30 Oct Press Release: The FIR Launches the 2007 Racketlon World Tour
11 tournaments in 11 countries. World Champs in Rotterdam after Christmas. Super World Tour events in Stockholm, Toronto and Oudenaarde.
25 Oct Foreign Talent Clean-up in Birmingham.
Holland emerging strong! At the English Open.
16 Oct The 5th Annual English Open Graces the West Midlands.
A preview of the next tournament on the tour. Coming up in Birmingham this weekend.
11 Oct Stefan Edberg Debut - in Squash!
Former Tennis World No.1 makes his debut in the top Swedish squash league.
10 Oct "The Wayne Gretzky of Racketlon"
Magnus Eliasson makes an impression on the Canadian west coast. Watch the video!
28 Sept Home Favourite Waltzes Away With Title.
Calum Reid won his second consecutive title. Susanna Lautala-Näikki moves up the ladder!
19 Sept Titles up for Grabs as Tour Moves to Scotland
A tournament preview of the fifth Scottish Open to be staged in Edinburgh this weekend. After fresh victories in Germany Reid and Buchanan are clear favourites on home soil.
17 Sept FIR. Fédération Internationale de Racketlon.
The International Racketlon Federation change their official acronym from the previous "IRF" to "FIR".
4 Sept Racketlon Reaches Ipswich
A report from the 5th stop on the British & Irish Racketlon Tour.
30 Aug Racketlon Reaches the Canadian Capital
Former olympic table tennis player Horatio Pintea takes the title at the first Ottawa Open.
30 Aug Tartan Army Victorious in Germany!
Reid lived up to expectations, Buchanan surprised and Greatorex defended the vets title. All three major titles to the UK.
23 Aug Who's Next?
A preview of the German Open starting on Friday.
3 Aug Canadian Tour Launched!
Toronto, Victoria, Ottawa... and then Montreal?
19 July Sad News from Sofia
The 2006 Bulgarian Open cancelled!
11 July Another Nordic Country on the Racketlon Map
Estonia founds a Racketlon Federation.
23 June Marking the Arrival of a New Sport
The first racketlon tournament in Malaysia attracted almost 100 players from 6 countries!
19 June Tournament of Newcomers
Newcomer Steffan Morgan wins the Hampshire Open. Sarah Reeves dominates on the ladies' side - as UK racketlon continues to progress.
11 June Two More World Ranking Events!
So called "Challenger" Events introduced. The Pacific Rim Open in Canada in October and the Dutch Open in Rotterdam in December are the first ones out.
11 June The Greatest Ever Racketlon Festival!
Kärkkäinen (Finland), Jansson (Sweden), Reid (Scotland), Carleke (Sweden) and the Swedish Team are the new World Champions.
30 May Introducing the Racketlon.com Entry Engine
Did you ever think of organising a racketlon tournament? It just became a great deal easier due to this on-line tool for tournament registrations. Free of charge for all racketlon organisers!
29 May Welcome to Oudenaarde!
A Preview of the 2006 Racketlon World Championships. In Belgium. Main event held Wednesday-Sunday.
26 May Chan in the Lead
A report from the first racketlon tournament in Asia! From Hong Kong, China.
26 May Surprise Hungarian Champions
Zoltan Czingraber and Evi Kapcsos win the first ever Hungarian Racketlon Championships.
26 May Swedish Racketlon Federation Founded
Lennart Eklundh lines up the Swedish racketlon resources.
23 May Closer.
Eliasson, Jansson and Bittár Swedish Champions.
18 May Bulgarian Open Postponed by One Week!
New dates: 21-23 July. Register now on the Racketlon.com Entry Engine!
17 May An Estonian(!!) Champion
Kati Kraaving, previous World Ranking 18(!), wins the Finnish Open. On the Men's side Eliasson takes his first(!) Finnish Open victory.
10 May Lahti Geers Up
The 2006 Finnish Open is coming up with some very interesting show-downs between Finland and Sweden; Kärkkäinen vs Eliasson and Lautala-Näykki vs Druve.
9 May China Enters the Stage!
Breakthrough Racketlon tournament to be held in Hong Kong next week! A Chinese team has entered the Worlds. Hong Kong Racketlon federation founded. We are several steps closer to finding out whether the best racket player in the world is Chinese!
3 May Richard Thomson Squash World Champion!
Thomson wins the Squash Doubles World Championships in the Over 30 Class.
26 Apr UK Racketlon Coninues to Grow!
The Racketlon Tour of the UK and Ireland reaches Thurrock with a doubles only tournament. Websdale and Jacksson dominate.
23 Apr Van der Woerdt and Hilpert Dutch Champions
Mariëlle van der Woerdt and Marcus Hilpert became the first Dutch Racketlon Champions as the first Dutch Racketlon Tournament took place last Tuesday.
5 Apr Olympic Champion Goes Racketlon
Dutch World and Olympic Wheelchair Tennis champion Esther Vergeer enters the Dutch Championships.
3 Apr Invincible!
O'Donnell is the first British Racketlon Champion. Together with Lawrence (Ladies), Hogg (U21) and Whitehouse (45+).
29 Mar The First British Champion?
O'Donnell is the favourite to win the first ever closed British Racketlon Championships next weekend. But there are many new names! - as a dominant racketlon power continues to emerge.
29 Mar She Returned to Win
No. Noone could stop the Swedes. But there was nevertheless a surprise winner in the Ladies' class!
20 Mar Can Anyone Stop the Swedes?
Three Swedish World number ones are travelling to Prague for the 2006 Czech Open.
20 Mar MFT, Mental Fulfilment Training
Do you want to develop the mental side of your game?
15 Mar A Canadian Veterans World Champion?
Thomson's biggest challenge turned out to be a veteran(!) newcomer. At the 2006 Canadian Racketlon Open.
9 Mar All Set for Thomson?
The bronze medalist at the last Racketlon World Champs, Canadian Richard Thomson, is destined to take his first tour title as the third Canadian Open takes place in Toronto this weekend.
1 Mar First Racketlon Tournament in Asia!
Racketlon reaches Malaysia.
15 Feb World Ranking System Review
The new Ranking Officer of the IRF invites you to a review of the present ranking system.
14 Feb Racketlon Breakthrough in Hungary
The first Hungarian Open attracted 100 players from 9 nations.
4 Feb State of Racketlon: the Netherlands
Racketlon breakthrough coming up in mid April. The first Dutch Open in December. In a country that has had multi-racket sport since 1985(!)
28 Jan State of Racketlon: Austria + the Visions of the New IRF President
The man behind the last two racketlon world championships, new IRF President Marcel Weigl addresses the racketlon community.
24 Jan State of Racketlon: the United Kingdom
The first piece in a series of articles surveying the game of racketlon.
22 Jan Next Stop Hungary!
Don't miss out on the real novelty on the 2006 tour coming up in three weeks time. Entry deadline: 2 Feb.
16 Jan The Tour has Started
Eliasson, Druve and Landberg won the major categories of the 2006 Swedish Open.
15 Jan Holland, finally!
Just before Christmas the first racketlon Dutch Open will take place.
11 Jan Swedish Open Coming Up
A tournament preview of the first event on the tour.
3 Jan The End of the "Class 1" Era
The IRF introduce new class naming conventions; A, B, C, D
23 Dec Press Release: The IRF Launches the 2006 Racketlon World Tour
12 tournaments. Hungary and Birmingham added. World Champs in Belgium first weekend of June.
4 Dec Kärkkäinen Reaches New Racketlon High
The major titles at the the Vienna Racketlon World Championships went to Finland (Men's), Sweden (Ladies') and Sweden (Vets').
9 Nov He is Back.
Eliasson beat Källberg to regain the World no.1 position. Silke Altmann, Germany, beat World no.1 Druve. At the Gothenburg Open.
20 Oct Reid Conquers Adamsson in Tournament of Surprises
A 20-year-old wins the 2005 English Open. UK racketlon stronger than ever before!
14 Oct Finnish Racketlon Federation Officially Founded
The home of Racketlon is getting organised.
14 Oct Kärkkäinen and Peltola Hold On
The champions remained the same when the Finnish Championships were played last weekend.
27 Sept The Best Ever Final?
Källberg beat Reid at Scottish Open in a final that went straight into racketlon history. McFadyen beat world no. 1 Druve.
6 Sept Sweden, again!
Adamsson and Druve victorious at German Open. Greatorex (England) move up among the veterans.
15 Aug The Old Crunch the New. Who is Magnus Eliasson?
Competition among the top Swedish players was tougher than ever at Västerås Open.
5 Aug Multi-Racket Sport in Africa!
A "4 Rackets Tournament" took place on the Reunion island a couple of weeks ago.
21 July Watch out for Nicolay Angelov !
Eliasson, Atanasova and Valkov were the winners at Bulgarian Open - but many eyes were on Angelov.
8 June Adamsson and Altmann Claim First Tour Titles!
New faces at the top in Belgium. Germany get their first big racketlon victory!
23 May Closing the Gap?
Eliasson and Druve defended their titles at the Swedish Championships. But competition is hardening - at least on the Men's side...
17 May Convincing Victories for Druve and Kärkkäinen in Lahti
No big surprises at the 2005 Finnish Open.
20 Apr Reid Comes of Age
Scotland got a winner at the Czech Open.
15 Mar Canadian Thomson has Another Go
But this time Eliasson was warned.
9 Mar Single Toss.
A modified tossing procedure is introduced to eliminate a perceived unfairness.
19 Feb Older Juniors
The junior age limits of the 2005 tour increased by one year. The "under 21" class replaces "under 20".
17 Feb Badminton Before Squash
The original racketlon order of sports restored.
23 Jan The 2006 World Championships to Belgium
The 2006 IRF Racketlon World Championships will be a summer tournament.
23 Jan Chris Noakes announces racketlon retirement
Sad news from England.
20 Jan Comfortable wins for Eliasson, Druve and Carleke
The favourites hold up to expectations in the Swedish Open, the first tournament of the tour.
13 Jan Canadian and Czech Open Gearing Up
Get ready for two of the highlights of the tour!
10 Jan Press Release: The IRF Launches the 2005 Racketlon World Tour
11 tournaments in 10 countries. Prague and Edinburgh added.
9 Jan New Design of Racketlon.com
Canadian company "inSite interactive"( i2.ca ) gives Racketlon.com a professional look. Launched today.
15 Dec Two Serves Won the First Round
Shorter serve games will be tested. Tell us your opinion on this issue at the on-line poll.
13 Dec Lautala-Näykki and Kärkkäinen Finnish Champions
Few big surprises in Vantaa this weekend as even Peltola wins the Veteran class.
11 Dec Weigl and Steinwender Austrian Champions
But racketlon newcomer Jürgen Melzer steels much of the attention.
19 Nov A Triumph for Scotland (and Sweden)
Scotland(!) took two World Championship titles in Vienna.
16 Nov Sweden Team World Champions
Not entirely surprisingly Sweden defended their Team World Championship in Vienna.
3 Nov A New Queen!
Scotland's Sarah McFadyen new World No. 1 after Gothenburg Open.
12 Oct A Clean Sweep for Britain at the English Racketlon Open!
Unseeded Englishman takes the Men's Open title.
23 Sep A Record Breaking World Championship
This year's Racketlon World Championships in Vienna are shaping up nicely.
5 Sep A Scotsman among the World Top 10
19-year old Calum Reid is no.10 on the updated world ranking.
30 Aug World Champions Dominate in Weiterstadt
a report from the first German Racketlon Open.
27 Aug Do you want to organise a Racketlon Tour Event in 2005?
The International Racketlon Federation invites you to take part in the Racketlon adventure!
22 Aug Gummiarm Drama in Coventry Open Final
Ray Jordan reports from the second Coventry Open.
20 Aug Polish(!) Championships Coming Up
The first signs of an emerging Polish Racketlon community.
14 Aug Persson, McFadyen and Whitehouse Climb the ladders
New World Rankings published including the results from Scottish Open last week.
9 Aug A Scottish World Champion? - Part II
Scotland's Sarah McFadyen beat the "unbeatable" Lilian Druve in Scottish Open.
18 Jul Racketlon Breakthrough in Sofia
The Bulgarian Open became the first Racketlon tournament in Eastern Europe.
4 Jul Welsh Open Cancelled
The 2004 Racketlon Welsh Open will not take place.
25 Jun Welcome to the Bulgarian Open in Sofia!
Tournament organiser, Puzant Kassabain, greets the Racketlon community welcome to Sofia.
10 Jun The D'Hondt Open Racketlon Feast
The first Belgian tour event became a major step forward for the game of Racketlon.
23 May Eliasson Back on Top
Druve, Carleke and Eliasson Swedish champions earlier today.
17 May A Clean Sweep for Finland!
Finnish victories in all(!) classes at Finnish Open.
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