The FIR Book of Rules

Important note:
below documents are provided here for archiving purposes and are probably not up to date. For current versions see the present homepage of the FIR;

The Rules of Racketlon Archive!
The official rules of the game of Racketlon according to the International Racketlon Federation. As they were in January 2009. Including a full revision history of how the rules developed during the period 2001 through 2008.

Tour Requirements Archive!
These are the requirements that each tournament on the FIR Racketlon World Tour commits to in exchange for tour status. The requirements normally change from one year to another. Choose the year in which the tournament is held for the relevant specifications:
2006: Tour Requirements Specification
2007: Tour Requirements Specification (pdf) (Application Sheet; pdf)
2008: Tour Requirements Specification (pdf) (Application Sheet; xls)

The FIR Statutes (pdf; English, German) Archive!
How do the FIR take decisions about rules changes and other matters? Check these links to the FIR statutes to find out.



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