Old News

2004-05-12: Racketlon Interest Grows in Student Community!
A brief report from the second annual Aberdeen University Racketlon Tournament
2004-04-28: World Championship Class in Belgium!
What looks to become the biggest tour event so-far attracts the top players
2004-04-06: A Scottish World Champion?
Sarah McFadyen showed her class at British Open.
2004-03-23: A Canadian Challenger
Newcomer Richard Thomson surprised the Racketlon World at Canadian Open
2004-03-09: Apply Now for the November World Championships in Vienna
Preparations are already under way for a real feast for racket players.
2004-03-08: Veteran Peltola Wins Helsinki Open
Beat Jukka Salminen in the final by +34 points.
2004-01-24: Finnish Invasion?
There could well be many Finnish racketletes at British Open this year.
2004-01-18: Increasingly International
...but still Scandinavians at the top in the new world ranking.
2004-01-14: Magnus Eliasson - Outstanding
Eliasson beat world #2 Adamsson by +30 points at Swedish Open
2004-01-13: Stefan Edberg Wins his First Racketlon Tournament
Only days left until the first Tour event in 2004
2004-01-07: All Set for Racketlon Swedish Open
Only days left until the first Tour event in 2004
2004-01-05: Gummiarm Drama Decides the 2003 Gothenburg Racketlon Champion
Staffan Ericsson comes out the winner after a real fight.
2004-01-02: Martin Karner Austrian Champion
Karner beat Weigl by +6 points in the first Austrian Championships
2003-12-11: The IRF Launches the 2004 Racketlon World Tour
12 tournaments in 10 different countries
2003-11-15: Sweden's Racketlon Revenge
Sweden dominated the World Championships
2003-11-02: frum'boost bars from Frumba
A presentation of a Racketlon sponsor
2003-10-31: Sweden World Champions
Pictures can be downloaded from "Pressens Bild"
2003-10-28: Press Release: Who is the Best Racket Player in the World?
The Racketlon World Championships will tell
2003-10-28: The Best Racketlon Tournament Ever Played
The Draws are out. All is set. May the games begin.
2003-10-18: The Countdown Begins
Less than two weeks left...
2003-10-13: Sad News from Sofia
Bulgarian Open cancelled
2003-10-04: Eliasson, again...
Magnus Eliasson beat Frenchman Nicolas Sene in the English Open Final
2003-09-21: An English Racketlon Player Among the Top 10
John O'Donnell proved his potential at Austrian Open
2003-09-10: A First Clash with the Austrians
All set for Austrian Open within ten days
2003-08-17: Same Procedure as Last Year
Magnus Eliasson and lilian Druve won Scottish Open - again.
2003-07-11: Scottish Open Shaping Up Nicely
Time to book your tickets!
2003-07-08: Eliasson Wins His Third Consecutive Karlskrona Title
Beats Ola Carleke (+31) in the final
2003-07-04: Belgium Goes Racketlon!
The King of Rackets faces the Racketlon Community on the 2004 Tour.
2003-06-12: Bulgarian Open Postponed!
New date will be set within days.
2003-05-28: The Dutch do it too!
Yet another format for multi racket sport discovered.
2003-05-25: The Successor to the Throne?
Adamsson beat Eliasson in the Swedish Championships
2003-05-24: Travelling Opportunities to Bulgarian Open
4 tickets from Gothenburg, 5 from Stockholm on sale.
2003-05-19: Advantage Kärkkäinen
Two Finns came out on top when Finnish Open was decided yesterday.
2003-05-08: The IRF Introduces the Tour Race
Who will be the "Winner of the Tour 2003"?
2003-05-02: Time to Apply for the 2003 Swedish Championships
Payment deadline: Next Wednesday 7 May.
2003-05-02: Bulgarian Open Moved to Sofia
Probably the most interesting event on the tour - has got a new venue.
2003-05-01: Belgium Challenges the Racketlon Community!
4 Wildcards offered to the King of Rackets Tournament final next weekend.
2003-04-16: The English Strike Back
There were many surprises at British Open last weekend.
2003-04-10: Austrian Open Delayed by Two Weeks
New dates: 19-21 September.
2003-03-09: The IRF Launches Racketlon World Ranking System
Everyone that takes part in an IRF Tour event will get a position on the world ranking
2003-03-07: All Set for British Open in London 12-13th of April
This will be a Racketlon Feast! Book your flights now - while fares are still cheap.
2003-01-07: World Champion Eliasson Wins First Title 2003
No-one near stopping the racketlon World #1 in Stockholm last weekend.
2003-01-07: Press Release: The IRF Launches World Tour
"The IRF Racketlon World Tour" of 2003 will contain 8 racketlon tournaments in 6 countries
2002-12-03: Invitation to Racketlon Cup 2003
Peter Landberg invites the international racketlon community to a classic Stockholm Racketlon event
2002-11-09: Press Release: The Best Racket Player in the World Appointed
His name is Magnus Eliasson, Sweden.
2002-10-29: The Best Racketlon Tournament Ever Played!
The draw for World Open is published. It will be an interesting tournament.
2002-10-29: Blic Offers Euro1700 to the Best Racket Players in the World
Prize Money in World Open! The sponsorship internet auction is over. Blic placed the winning bid.
2002-10-28: Rebecca Macree Enters World Open
Top international squash star makes the English Racketlon team complete.
2002-10-23: Toni Kemppinen Re-enters World Open
Finland´s World #4 takes back his cancellation and reinforces the Finnish team
2002-10-15: French Break-in on the World Top Ten List
Racketlon beginner Nicolas Sene moves straight in as World #10 after English Open
2002-10-10: The IRF Urges Osuuspankki: Let Toni Go!
Finnish Team Captain Toni Kemppinen misses World Open?
2002-09-29: Adamsson Moves Forward at Olligång
Stefan Adamsson leaps from #7 to #4 on the Swedish Ranking - new list out today
2002-09-22: Application Deadline Postponed for English Open
England struggle to meet the Scandinavian challlenge. New deadline: 30th of September.
2002-09-15: Press Release: Gothenburg Racketlon World Open
The Best Racketplayer in the World will be appointed
2002-09-09: Viking Invasion!
The best Swedish racketlon players will travel overseas to English Open.
2002-09-05: Swedish National Television Covers Racketlon
TV3 feature Eliasson, Källberg and Landberg on Monday night.
2002-09-04: English Open in London 5th-6th of October
Book your flights NOW! SEK 200 to London.
2002-08-30: Team Event Added to World Open
National teams to face each other in a historical first "Davis Cup" of Racketlon.
2002-08-17: Racketlon History Made in Scottish Open
Big success. But World Ranking stays unaffected.
2002-08-07: The Draw Published for Scottish Open
33 entrants in the first Scottish racketlon tournament
2002-08-07: "Gummiarm Rule" introduced in Scottish Open
One single second service tennis point will decide at draw.
2002-07-28: Fly from London to Gothenburg for £10!
There is no reason for British racket enthusisasts to miss Gothenburg Racketlon World Open. But book early!
2002-07-28: The Scots are coming
Scottish Open application status: Is international racketlon in for a Scottish surprise?
2002-07-22: First Ever Racketlon World Ranking
A first TOP 10 list in a sport that spreads
2002-07-15: New Swedish Racketlon Ranking System
New automatically generated ranking list replaces the old manual list.
2002-07-13: The First Ever Racketlon Tournament Outside Scandinavia
In Scotland by mid August. Special arrangements to attract international players.
2002-06-13: Alelyckan's Sportcenter offers US$ 1000
Prize Money in World Open! The sponsorship internet auction receives a first bid
2002-05-27: Eliasson Stays on Top
Beat Roland Helle in the Swedish Championships yesterday
2002-05-20: Swedish Racketlon Crushed - Again
Finnish racketlon star Kärkkäinen won Finnish Open yesterday
2002-05-16: The Draw Published for the Swedish Racketlon Championships
Sweden's best racket player shall be appointed. Defending champion: Magnus Eliasson
2002-04-10: Big Money for the Best Racket Player in the World 2002?
Internet auction for prize money starts today!
2002-03-24: Sensational Winner in Gothenburg TOP 8
Shockwaves through the Gothenburg racketlon community
2002-03-22: Alelyckan Starts Offering Racketlon Hours
Another world first for Alelyckan's Sport Center
2002-01-07: Eliasson Back on Top
Magnus Eliasson beat Mats Källberg (+15) in Racketlon Cup yesterday
2001-12-29: The Draw Published for Racketlon Cup
The Swedish racketlon elite gets together again. 60 people will attend.
2001-12-27: Jens Wahlman is the Best Racket Player in Gothenburg
Jens outperformed players like Christian Bergström and Jan Apell
2001-12-04: Modified Racketlon Rules Introduced in Racketlon Cup
Margin-of-two counting will be tested to make the game more thrilling
2001-11-06: Finland Dominated World Open!
Mikko Kärkkäinen from Finland is the best racket player in the world!
2001-11-01: Former Tennis World Champion Enters World Open!
Guess Who!
2001-10-25: Still Possible to Apply for World Open!
Please help us fill our vacancies! This information will be updated regularily!
2001-10-24: The Best Racketlon Tournament Ever Played!
The draw for World Open is published. It will be an interesting tournament.
2001-10-13: Aftonbladet Beats Expressen
Gusten interviewed about his future racketlon career.
2001-10-06: Application Deadline Extended for Non Swedish Elite Players
New Deadline: Friday 12th October!
2001-10-06: World Open Attracts Players of Seven Nationalities
Bulgaria, England, Finland, France, Germany, Scotland, Sweden.
2001-10-03: Can Badminton Provide the World's Best Racket Player?
The International Badminton Federation takes up the challenge.
2001-10-02: Finland vs. Sweden
Finnish No 1:s Toni Kemppinen and Katja Aminoff enters World Open.
2001-09-29: The Best Racketlon Tournament Ever Played?
World Open marketing activities are beginning to bear fruit.
2001-09-27: Magnus Gustavsson Enters World Open
Swedish tennis star Gustavsson embarks on a racketlon career.
2001-09-18: No Charge for Non Swedish Elite Players
Curious to find out if you are a top international all-round racket player? Gothenburg Racketlon World Open is the place to go!
2001-09-13: World Open Proves Popular
82 people have applied. Start on Friday! Welcome Finland!
2001-09-12: World Open Hits the Media
Gothenburg Racketlon World Open attracts media attention.