Big Money to the Best Racket Player in the World 2002?
Date: 2002-04-10


The management team for Gothenburg Racketlon World Open 2002 announced today that their ambition is to be able to offer the winner of the Men's Elite Class a substantial sum of money according to the principle "winner takes all". The money will be raised at an internet auction starting immediately and finishing three weeks before the tournament. Bidding starts at US$ 1000 and the highest bidder at the end of the day, Friday 11th October, will be the sole provider of the prize money and thereby enjoy the following benefits:

* The final winner of the internet auction will get its company name exposed in the banner on top of the web page during the last three weeks leading up to the event and for the rest of year 2002. Before that, while the auction is still alive, the currently highest bidder will own the banner. Note that an early bid will have a better chance to stay longer in the lead meaning media exposure during more time - and possibly free of charge given that a higher bid comes in. Although the final winner of the internet auction will of course take advantage of the much higher intensity of attention during the weeks surrounding the event. The owner of the banner is free to link it up towards any website of his choice.

* But the banner is only the tip of the iceberg. What it really means is that you will be at the focus of the media attention surrounding World Open. Last year already the tournament attracted some fairly considerable attention in several countries. See, for example, the following selection of articles on racketlon. Or check out what the French impression of racketlon turned out to be. Given that last year's tournament was the first ever international racketlon tournament and really only a pilot to see what would happen, media coverage this time is guaranteed to be much more comprehensive. One indication of how quickly the racketlon "movement" spreads is the fact that (that was started up just before last year's tournament) now has taken thousands of hits from more than sixty(!) countries all over the world - including Nepal, Georgia and South Africa... Another item that might well boost attention is the internet auction itself. The thought is that the prize money will attract excellent racket players from unexpected countries, which will in turn increase media attention and thereby sponsorship value for money. Regarding participants from unexpected countries it looks, in fact, promising already; Last year's tournament did not attract any non-Scandinavian players in the Elite classes (our German target Boris Becker, for one, announced that he was leider aus terminlichen Gründen nicht in der Lage, an der sicherlich sehr interessanten Veranstaltung teilzunehmen - i.e. something close to "unfortunately not able to make it this time but..."). This year, half a year before the games may begin, there are already two very interesting Elite entries from England and Germany!

* The highest bidder will also be appointed Main Official Sponsor of Gothenburg Racketlon World Open - implying that we will go to extremes to help you with advertising during the event.

* Last but not least, five people associated with the highest bidding company will be offered free participation as players in the tournament. Including VIP treatment.


Please, place your bid by means of an e-mail to (leave your phone number and we will call you back to confirm).


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