"The Wayne Gretzky of Racketlon"

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2006-10-10: First published version.
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Tournament Director Dean Gillis reports below from the first Pacific Rim Open, the first racketlon world ranking event with "challenger status" - meaning that it is not part of the official tour and that only half the number of ranking events were on offer compared to a standard tour event (see newsitem from when the challenger concept was introduced a couple of months ago).

Noone came close of stopping Sweden's three times World Champion Magnus Eliasson from picking up the prize check of $1000cad. And, not surprisingly to those who have seen him play earlier, he seems to have made an impression; In a report on Canadian television he was introduced as "the Wayne Gretzky of Racketlon". Watch that video!

According to its Entry Engine the event attracted as many as 69 entries. Not a bad start for a first time racketlon event in a completely new part of the world! And, according to Gillis the event will be back next year.


Participants at the first pacific Rim Open in Victoria, BC, Canada.
Men's Elite finalists Peter Brix and Magnus Eliasson at the top left.
photo: Dean Gillis

The Pacific Rim Open was a huge success. Here are the "A" results. For full resuts see tournament website.

Men's Elite

Eliasson def Colin Koo
21-6, 21-5, 21-2, 21-10
Hayward def Byron Kidd
21-8, 3-21, 21-12, 20-18
Blum def Sasha Brkic
12-21, 21-3, 12-21, 21-11
Brix def Stan Dee
21-6, 11-21, 15-21, 21-14

Eliasson def Jon Hayward
21-4, 21-4, 21-10, 21-9
Brix def Hannes Blum
8-21, 21-2, 21-7, 10-21

Magnus Eliasson def Peter Brix
21-5, 21-14, 21-16, 21-7

Eliasson faced racketlon first-timer Peter Brix in the final.

Women Elite

Round Robin Final:
Damaris Brix def Allison Marr

Magnus also played a Pacific Rim all star team winning +5.

Eliasson def S.Brkic 21-16
M.Lee def Eliasson 21-17
Eliasson def J.Hayward 21-10
P.Flint def Eliasson 21-14

Thanks and we'll see you next year.