Local Gothenburg Information

- this is the new (September 2004) homepage for the Gothenburg Racketlon Club that is now the main portal for Gothenburg Racketlon information.


But below is some info from the time when racketlon.com was the main source for local Gothenburg information. Although the info below will, in prinipal, no longer be updated some of it might still complement the info on www.gothenburgracketlon.com .

The Gothenburg Racketlon Ranking List
- based on the monthly Top 8 events

- quick and intense show-downs each month for Gothenburg's best racket players - and special guests from anywhere!

The Local Gothenburg Racketlon Championships
- 1999 Winner: Johan Stockenberg
2000 Winner: Stefan Engström   
2001 Winner: Jens Wahlman   
2002 Winner: Håkan Granberg   
2003 Winner: Staffan Ericsson

Gothenburg Racketlon Contact List
- names and numbers of the people involved in Gothenburg Racketlon

Alelyckan's Sport Center - Racketlon Offerings
- how to book a game of racketlon in Gothenburg.