FIR Challenger Events 2007
- introduction and calendar

Revision History:
2007-01-22: First published.
2007-01-23: Changed the dates to one day later (7-9 April) for the Salzburg Easter Cup.
2007-01-25: Changed name from "Salzburg Easter Cup" into "Nationalteam Challenger" in accordance with directives from Austria.
2007-02-08: Added Multisport Open in Montreal + Pacific Rim Open
2007-05-11: Updated the schedule to reflect the postponement of Portuguese Open
2007-06-04: Added the Bent Sports Challenger Cup to the calendar.

The Challenger Event icon, signalling "new stars" "in orbit"
around the official, and established, FIR Racketlon World Tour.

Challenger Events are not part of the official tour but "in orbit" around it. They are World Ranking Events but only half the number of ranking points (Prestige Factor 0,5) are on offer compared to a standard World Tour Event (Prestige Factor 1).

Challenger Events are also typically tournaments at the very frontiers of Racketlon growth and should therefore be particularly appealing to true Racketlon pioneers. They are often opportunities to be involved with Racketlon history in the making as new countries are conquered - but they also mean an increased level of risk since they will not be as established as the official Tour Events. Caution is therefore recommended and players planning to take part should be adviced to carefully assess the risks for each Challenger Event individually. As is the case for any of the official Tour Events the FIR does not offer any guarantees that an event will actually take place. The life of a true Racketlon pioneer is not always easy - but always interesting...

Challenger status are awarded to tournaments as opportunities emerge at any time during the year. The following Challenger Events have so-far been scheduled on the 2007 calendar:

For more details on these tournaments, see the EVENTS section.

For some of the ideas behind the Challenger concept, see newsitem from when they were first introduced.