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Gothenburg Racketlon Open 2011
International Racketlon celebrates 10 years!

Dates: Friday 4 Nov - Sunday 6 Nov 2011
Entry Deadline: Friday 21 October

Known as "The Home of International Racketlon" Gothenburg Open hosted Racketlon's three first World Championships 2001-2003.
This year marks the tenth anniversary of the first of these, which was also the very first international Racketlon tournament.
It was played in Gothenburg 2-4th of November 2001.

You do not have to be an elite player to take part.
Anyone, including beginners, are welcome!

And all participants will get points for the Racketlon World Ranking
(Swedish players will also get points for the Swedish Ranking!)

Registrations are this year taken through the
Result Reporter System (www.resultreporter.com)
deployed by the International Racketlon Federation.

Welcome to classic Racketlon ground!


2011-05-27 Web Page Launch.
We proudly present the homepage of the 2011 Gothenburg Racketlon Open.

2011-09-27 Half Price for Juniors and Ladies.
To stimulate participation by Juniors (turning 21 during this calendar year or younger) and ladies these categories are offered to pay only half the price (irrespective of which class they participate in). See more info under "Enter!".

2011-09-27 Accomodation Recommendations Updated.
The Kviberg Youth Hostel, Opera and Scandic are this year's main recommendations. See more info under "Travel".

2011-09-27 Advance Payment Appreciated.
For Swedish players a "postgiro" account is now available for advance payments of the entry fee. We appreciate if you make use of it. See details under "Enter!". Should you have to pull out from the tournament we will, of course, provide a refund.

2011-10-14 Registration Deadline Postponed. Now Friday 21.
We are now taking registrations for five days longer than originally announced. Until Friday 21 October (two weeks before tournament.)

2011-10-14 Advance Payment Appreciated.
We are pleased to announce that we will offer prize money of 5000 to 10000 SEK. It will be allocated on the Elite singles classes.

2011-10-14 Ratzer Enters!
The new Danish star on the Racketlon sky Jesper Ratzer has entered Gothenburg Open. Ratzer is one of the best badminton players that have ever been seen in Racketlon and have already, after just about a year in Racketlon, shown that he can challenge the very best. How about this result from the Alternate Open a couple of weeks ago:
Christoph Krenn-Jesper Ratzer +14 (tt:21-12 ba:10-21 sq:21-13 te:16-8)
(Austria's Christoph Krenn is currently ranked number one in the world and has also won the World Championships a couple of years ago beating Mikko Kärkkäinen in the final.)
Stefan Adamsson be warned about the Ratzer learning curve!

2011-10-14 Now Easy, Quick and Free to Register!
In order to speed up the influx of entries we have now made it possible to register without an FIR license. This makes it free of charge for everyone to register. The payments of both License and Entry Fee can wait until on site. More info under "Enter!" (For crystal clarity: The 10 Euro FIR license for 2011 is still required to participate! But as of now you the payment can wait until on site.)

2011-10-14 Not able to make it by Friday 12:00? Relax!
If you already know that you will not be able to make it to the sport centre by the official start time on Friday 12:00 you may well still be able to take part! Everyone can - on an individual basis - negotiate a later "Guaranteed Earliest Start Time" (GEST) with us. Just send us an e-mail to go.gracketlon@gmail.com stating your needs and we will try to accomodate them!

2011-10-18 Doubles Start Friday 16:00. Singles Start Saturday.
We have been able to get more precise about the time schedule and hereby announce that the doubles categories will start no earlier than 16:00 on Friday evening, while the singles categories will start on Saturday morning.

2011-10-18 Swedish Ranking Updated.
The Swedish Racketlon ranking updated with the results from the Alelyckan Open is now available on http://www.racketlon.com/rankings.se.htm
Note that the Men's class limits will be used to guide Swedish participants into the right class. They are as follows:
1-40: Elite
41-100: B
101 and above: C

2011-10-30 B and C Classes on Friday Evening.
Partly due to a nice, rather high influx of entries just before deadline we have been forced to step back a bit on our promises and start earlier with the B and C classes than previously announced. Most of the participants in B and C will therefore play their first matches on Friday evening, starting 15:15 in the afternoon. An e-mail request for info will go out to most participants in B and C later today in order to make sure that everyone concerned will be able to make it that early. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. (Players that have received individual promises (GEST:s) will not be affected!)

2011-11-01 The Draws are on-line!
Please find the completed draws under "Draw/Results" above.

2011-11-02 First Class Massage Available as of 10 Saturday Morning.
Elisabeth Voge, probably Gothenburg's most skilful massage therapist, who has become a regular necessity for some of Gothenburg's Racketletes and several of Gothenburg's top athletes (e.g. Magnus Wislander), will stand by at the sport centre as of 10 o'clock Saturday morning, ready to assist those in need of a quick fix. Participants at the Gothenburg Open will be offered a special price of 100SEK per 10 minutes (nearly half the normal rate of 500SEK per 30 minutes). Her bench will be easily accessible near the tournament desk. Or, for those who prefer more privacy, a closed room alternative will be available. If you want to make an advance booking her phone number is +46 76 793 30 90. (Valid for bookings outside tournament hours also.)

2011-11-07 Thank you!
Thanks to everyone who took part this weekend. Perhaps especially to our Danish friends who certainly spiced up events! Congratulations to Stefan Adamsson, who won the Men's Elite event for the second time in a row. And to Jesper Ratzer and Kasper Jönsson who won the Men's Elite Doubles event. Complete results are now available under "Draw/Results" above!




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